Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Randomly Speaking

I had one of those heart stopping experiences recently. I was bringing a pizza from the downstairs oven (it's better than the one in the upstairs kitchen. What a weird house.) and before I got to the kitchen where Spencer had been playing I heard a loud thud. One of the chairs had fallen backward.

I rushed into the kitchen and Spencer was lying on his back with one arm under the chair. And he was doing the silent scream that only comes out vocally after awhile. His arm was fine, but after a minute or so we could see where the metal bar of the chair had landed on his head. Ugh. I hate that. Very, very much. He was crying hard, but cried even harder when I put a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts on the spot.

For the rest of the evening he had a goose egg of Tom and Jerry proportions but was okay. He slept fine, too. The next morning you could only see that there was a tiny bruise if you knew exactly where on his temple to look. Weird. But good-weird.
I bet you wish your blog could look like mine. We're under construction over here, obviously. "We" refers to my blog.
In order to dispel the potential notion some may get that I have a glamorous job (freelance writer does sound good, I admit) I thought about sharing what my articles would look like. But when I turn them over to my client and am paid, I lose all rights to them (no real tragedy, I assure you). I'm not saying I wrote those that I linked to, because I can't claim that. And frankly, I'm not sure I would want to. (Holy mistakes! And silly writing! That's what happens when you try to write 20 articles in 2 days from home.)

So anyway, not glamorous.

(edited out link to a site I wrote for)
Our friends who brought us to Poland are awesome people. Paweł was a Pole with an American wife at BYU. Same situation we were in. He got the job here and three months after he started he got Greg hired, too.

Once I traveled to an orphanage an hour away with Sheri, his wife, on one of her visits to her baby boy in the weeks before the adoption was finalized. That baby was so obviously hers.

Now they are back in the States. They have three children, all adopted. They have their share of stress and trials, for example Paweł is looking for a job, but they are happy, good people and have always been very generous and kind to us.

I could end the story there, but because they have been good to us I thought I would ask anyone with about 2 minutes who wants to do them a favor to do this. Their middle child is a darling girl, Jaylianna who is in the running (final round!) to model for a line of children's clothing. The voting is done by the number of people who "like" a photo on facebook. All you have to do is "like" the page of the clothing line and then go and "like" her picture.

If you are up for doing that kind of favor they have a blog to make it even easier. Just click on that link and follow the directions in the sidebar. Super easy. (if you decide to do it, thanks!)
I hope everyone is enjoying the feeling of fall as much as I am. It is excessively awesome. Way better than the feeling of falling (unintentionally) or, worse yet, hearing or seeing a dining chair fall on your baby's head.


Carolyn V. said...

Jaylianna is adorable! I hope she wins.

I'm so glad your little boy is okay. I hate it when my little guys get seriously hurt.

One last thing, I'm completely impressed that you wrote 20 articles in 2 days! Wow.

Barbaloot said...

Poor Spencer. I'm glad he's okay. And I hope you took a picture of the bump. It's sad now, but in late years, the picture will be cool:)

Alison Wonderland said...

Babies, they're made of rubber. (Trust me, I'm a medical professional.)

Kimberly said...

What a darling little girl - fingers crossed for her!

And oh how I hate those heart stopping moments! The crying stops so much sooner than the pounding of the heart does, doesn't it? Glad he's okay!

L.T. Elliot said...

20 articles in 2 days. Dang, girl. You're awesome!

Jaylianna is so cute! Rooting for her!

So glad to just read your words and see how you are.

Emily said...

Aww I feel badly for Spencer!

Did you say you have two ovens? :) I'm jealous...

Anonymous said...

What perfect skin that little girl has! I'm so jealous!

I love random thoughts. Makes me think I should start carrying around a small notepad, just so I can jot down those random moments of genius when I have them so I can blog about them, too!

Susan said...

Of course he screamed more when you used frozen brussel sprouts, don't you know you're supposed to use frozen PEAS? Poor kid. Poor adrenaline-filled mom.

I still don't know how you do those articles. But thanks for the links, tho' I'm still pretty mystified.

Yay Fall! (as opposed to fall-ing or fall-en upon.)

Kazzy said...

I like the weather kind of fall, but hate to see babies fall. Poor guy!

Heather of the EO said...

I love the color of your construction.

And I love fall.

And you.

Off to, I :)

Melissa said...

I love the comments you leave on my blog. And yes, you do need that book. I have the same concerns with my own children. That even though the laundry basket and dresser are equidistant from my child, she will still choose to put her dirty socks on top of the dresser instead of in the laundry basket.

Moody said...

Oh I hate the quiet know it really, really hurt! And then when they finally get their breath and let loose, look out! Poor little guy. Glad he's ok.