Sunday, May 30, 2010

What My Kids Learn in Primary

Today we attended the Kielce Branch. It meets in the missionaries' apartment. Sacrament meeting and Sunday school meet in one room and we usually have Primary in the living room. Today, though, they were watching a conference talk in the living room so I taught Primary in the other room. Here's how it went down.

Of course it was just me and my own kids. It was time to feed Spencer so I was nursing him while we had a lesson about prayer. Aaron was sitting there very nice and attentive during the opening song and prayer. Before I got into the lesson I decided to help him feel included by having us sing Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam. At that point he became very offended and got out of his seat and was generally an enormous pain (because how dare I suggest we sing a song he knows and likes!?!).

Spencer wasn't eating peacefully. Off, on, off, on. Smile at mom, sit up. On, off. Ugh. Ugh. Meanwhile I was having a discussion with Ev and David that I felt was very important. And Aaron was telling us how he hates apple juice (meaning we didn't have any and he wanted some) and whining. And I was trying to not lose my temper with him while also trying to keep our discussion going and getting Spencer to take more than one gulp at a time before coming off.

While this was going on Evie and David had answered my question as to why we pray. I repeated their answers. "To give thanks for our blessings, ask for other blessings and to talk to our Father. Good. Okay, what are some other reasons we pray?"

After a very short pause I backed up and said, "Well, that's good enough. Those are the most important reasons we pray."

Before I could move on to the next question Evie said, "Okaaaaaay. What are the less important reasons?"

And then we laughed. And I was glad. I was in desperate need of some comic relief.

Friday, May 7, 2010


If I had a feesh I would keep it in a bowl in my leeving room and it would make keesy faces to everyone all day long.

I just decided to make up a short story (yes, that was a short story, with a fascinating plot) using just three of the words I found today in a chidren's Polish/English story book that had a pronunciation guide for some of the words. I changed the spelling so you would know how to pronounce things PROPERLY.