Thursday, June 12, 2008

What !?! You've Never Seen a House(ish) before?

I was surprised to find that some people didn't know what a house(ish) is, or couldn't quite picture it, even given its illustrative name. Also, I have some sisters that keep wanting pictures. So here are all the pictures you could never want of our house (which I should add we are only renting--the house, not the pictures. Those we own). I must say, though, that I really think NONE of them look like the house. It's weird. Oh, and also, the weather wasn't good for photography, which will be apparent, but I have to mention because I'm an apologizer.

This is the street we live on, ulica Kasztanowa (Chestnut Street). It's a very short street at the very far edge of town that is lined with townhouses. (front left is our driveway)

I suppose you could say that our house(ish) looks something like this:

But I think it looks a little more like this:
In the winter, when the grass is dead and the car is black with mud, if you were standing on the front balcony (off our bedroom) you might look down and see this:

I'm including this one because Su thinks Evie looks superimposed on here and that's funny:

If you walked inside the week after we moved in you might have seen this:

And NOW, the reason it's a house(ish). Our neighbors are stuck to us:

What does that make it? I don't think it's a duplex. I wouldn't call it a townhouse, either. That's why I call it a house(ish). What would YOU call it?


sarah k. said...

I do like house(ish), particularly your house(ish). But you could for sure call it a townhouse. And it would actually pass for a duplex in my neck of the woods.

Katherine Bouldin said...


I like the term you coined "house-ish" ... clever! It reminds me of our Polish house-ish in Krakow. We lived on aleja Kasztanowa 41A in Krakow so it is almost the same as yours! Don't you think it's funny how the Polish put the name first and the number second?

KC said...

Ah, now I understand! My parents in CA live in a very similar sort of situation--I think they just call it an attached house. How boring!

jonesfamily said...

Yeah, it definitely doesn't look like a townhouse! I didn't even notice it was attached until I read it! Definitely a house(ish). A very HUGE house(ish). Lucky duck!

Erin said...

I love your house. It is so big it is hard to even call it a house(ish). And the music makes it so glamorous...

Lisa said...

Sarah- Ha!! You OWN the cutest house in the world (or at least one of them)! I'm not all that in love with the appearance of the house, and inside it's very Polish, i.e. boxy with doors on every room, kitchen and living room included.

Katherine- Oh! I remember that! We went trick-or-treating to that house with the Hornes a couple of years ago and it seemed weird that some strange (to us)guy answered. And I had to think about the whole putting the number after the street name. Funny, I forgot that it's different in America!

KC-I suppose it would be called attached. I know it definitely IS attached, but only by a part of one wall of each house. Or I think it's also a semi-detached.

Katherine Bouldin said...

Lisa -- I have lost track of the Hornes ... where did they go after Krakow? Email me off-blog when you have time. K.

Lee Family said...

Lucy, I'm afraid your home has some sort of parasite or symbiotic life form attached to what looks like the south side. It looks like an attached house, but I'm sticking with the conjoined twins theory.

Seriously though, what a nice looking home. But really, doors in rooms? What were the builders thinking?!