Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Think He's Gonna Like it There

(Please read the title to the tune of the song from Annie.)

On the second day of school I asked Aaron how his new teacher is.  He told me a bunch of things his teacher had said, in Polish, but with the addition of his own grammatical errors (which can't be translated because Polish grammar is far too wacky):

"'No, sweetie, you have to sit over there.'  She says 'sweetie' a lot".
"Don't run because you might fall down and get hurt."
"She can't whistle very well." me: "Does she try to whistle?" Aaron: "No, never.  But when we were being too noisy my other teacher whistled so loud it hurt my ears."

Last year's teacher, though presumably nice, was a bit of a screamer.  She barked orders.  She didn't seem mad, it was just the way she did things.  So the fact that he has a teacher that uses terms of endearment and explains why kids should/shouldn't do things and doesn't break his ears when she's whistling for them to shut up just makes me so happy.

During orientation she explained about how the kids would play and play until they learned everything they need to know.  She told us it's hard for her to see kids come to school with 7 Days (packaged danish) that expire in 2016.  She asked us to please just send our children with sandwiches and if we wanted them to have chocolate or sweets, send enough for the whole class.

She may be a tiny bit Bloomberg-esque, but I like her.