Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Seven Year Old Peach

My little boy isn't so little anymore. He'll be seven tomorrow. That doesn't stop his cheeks from being the closest thing to a peach, besides a nectarine. Well, actually, I think he's even more like a peach than a nectarine is. He has the smoothest softest skin in all of the universe with the cutest light fuzz covering it. He also happens to have a large pale red birthmark on his cheek that gives it an even peachier look. We tell him that he was so sweet when he was a baby that we couldn't stop kissing him and that's why there's a permanent mark there. It's a lie (don't worry, he knows). But it should be true. Baby skin is extremely resilient. I could still kiss his cheeks over and over forever, if he'd let me. He won't though, because he's seven. Tomorrow.

Can you see ANY difference between these two pictures?


If you can, it's only because this shows David's right cheek, and his left is the rosy one (this picture was not taken with this post in mind. You can sorta see his cheek in the picture at the top). His glasses almost even look like the branch in the other picture!

There are some ways that my peach is different from the the edible version, and good thing or life might get a little confusing. The kind you eat doesn't:
* love classical music
* love riding it's bike
* have an amazing sense of humor
* get offended if you look at it cross-eyed (not literally)
* love riding in a car
* never tire of playing with it's baby brother
* spend hours at a time composing music on its keyboard or harmonica

Slight change of subject (we're going from David's cheeks to entire babies). I was thinking the other day that babies and peaches are almost exactly the same. They're both:
Sometimes Sour

Isn't it a little scary? I mean, maybe babies are peaches! If so, I'll be a little upset that I went through 2+ years so far being pregnant when I could have just picked some up at the local grocery store! If peaches lasted longer than fifteen minutes in the house, we might have started noticing that they are babies. I really need to look into this more before I decide to go through another possibly needless pregnancy!

The kind of peaches that come from a tree are my favorite fruit to eat, but I still think my seven year old peach is yummier (he's the only one that wasn't gone in 15 minutes after we brought him home because of that resilient skin).

What kind of fruit are YOUR kids like?

* as in fruit of the womb, and juicy as in drippy, like with slobber.


McEwens said...

cute post! It isnt long before the peach gets peach fuzz, then they are no longer peachy... they are more like, coconut?? The soft is rough.

My kids are like ... I am going to have to think on that, Ill be back

Kazzy said...

I have a banana, a lime, an apple, and a pear. In that order. LOL But you would really have to know them to get those choices! Thanks!

by AnnieValentine said...

Cute. I'm so sad my big five-year-old has lost his squishy layer. It breaks my heart to hug him and realize he's all muscle and bone. Still soft as a peach on the outside, but he's not the same.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday David! I remember you when you were just a baby. It is amazing how you have grown. I also remember visiting your mom in the hospital when she was pregnant with you. I hope you have a great birthday!

Susan said...

That post was just peachy! I still love to kiss TnT but they have to be sitting on my lap so I can give'em a big one on the cheek. Standing to standing kisses are not the same with kids. Honestly, I can mostly not believe David is ONLY 7. He has seemed like a teenager for so long to me, especially that sense of humor. He's just so sharp! I love that boy. He's definitely as sweet as the last batch of peaches we ate :)

Nathan said...


-oLiViA said...

wait.... he's TURNING 7?! I thought he was 8 or 7 when you guys came to visit us...

Kimberly said...

I have a Strawberry and a Peach here. They make for a lovely combination. Except when the Strawberry is too tart. Heh. Lovely analogy, and a sweet tribute!

Lisa said...


mcewens - I LOVE the coconut! Perfect analogy!

Kazzy - I'm find myself trying to guess at their personalities/appearance

annie valentine - David is a super thin little guy too! He's so light we can still throw him around, which I love, but he's also so long and bony. I almost cried one night when I saw him asleep and his feet were SO far down the bed!

erin - David says thanks! I was so glad to have you hear during that pregnancy and just after the birth. You were a major blessing to us.

susan and olivia - Greg was telling me to mention that his teacher told Greg that David speaks much more clearly/maturely than the other kids in the class (but I didn't want to be too braggy). That's probably why he seems older.

Nathan - What kind of fruit are YOUR kids like? I see they're the BRILLIANT kind! :) I can totally tell that from your blog.

kimberly - I like comparing kids to fruit because almost all fruit is sour at some point and we all know that kids are too!

Alison Wonderland said...

Fruit punch. Every blessed one of them.

And no, I could see no difference between those pictures whatsoever.

Becky said...

Fun post! My little girl is definitely a peach, too. My boy, on the other hand, I'd go with pomegranate - a little more time consuming but well worth the effort.

Emiline said...

That's so sweet. Happy birthday to your son!

I would say my nephew is like an apricot; he's pale and has very little hair.

charrette said...

Ah, he DOES look like a peach! In temperament as well as looks. Sweet kid.

My sons are both Star Fruit :) and my daughter's an absolute peach!

Heidi said...

Oh, I want to reach out and bite those cheeks! In a non-weird, non-crazy stalker way. Just in like, oh, I love soft cheeks on my own kids, too.

Carol said...

Wow he does have an uncanny resemblance to that peach.

Mine have to a banana and a lemon!

Me plus 3 Hecks said...

Wow. I definitely have not been contemplating my produce section as much as I should be! Um...Taj is definitely a kumquat, because it is a unique word, unusual fruit, and once he heard the word, it is his "favorite fruit." (even though he's never had one)

Brody? Sweet and squishy...maybe he's a peach too?

Moody said...

Well, I have a photo of my grown son wearing a banana suit at work---he works at Jamba Juice. I never thought of babies as fruits, but you make a very convincing argument!