Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Have Your Cake and Eat It Tuesday

Okay, so this isn't actually cake, but today is actually Tuesday, and since I came up with the name, I'm taking liberties and allowing myself the postage of recipes for any sweets without my having to change it to Have Your Cookies and Eat Them Tuesday. That really loses something, don't you think?

So these are cookies. I'll tell you all about how much I adore these cookies in a moment, but first I need to tell you about a very unfortunate side effect they have on me. When I eat them, I kick myself. And the more of them I eat, the more I love them and the more I kick myself. It's looks kind of stupid and doesn't feel great either. If you're thinking of making these, read further to see if you might be susceptible to these same side effects.

They are Chocolate Malt Sandwiches from Martha Stewart's website. I don't actually go onto that site looking for recipes, but I often find her recipes recommended on blogs I read. This one I saw at Cookie Madness. They are delicious. But then, I'm a major fan of malt. I make them and keep them in the fridge. They are so rich and sweet that even I can only eat about 4 of them in a sitting (okay, so that's basically 8 cookies, plus the filling, but whatever). Then I have to wait a full 30 minutes before I'm ready for another.

Do you know what it is about these cookies that makes me kick myself? It's not because I'm trying to keep myself from taking in the calories (heaven knows I'm not at a place where I worry about that as much as I should). So why the masochism? I'll tell you why.

When we were staying at my mother's house on our last trip to America, she had picked up a few things that I had requested from the grocery store. See, I try to get as much of the things that you can't get in Poland while we're in the States as I can. But I also have to make sure it will all fit in my luggage and not be too much for me to travel with (especially when I'm doing a marathon run of going back and forth across the country in two weeks, by myself with three children in tow). One of the things I'd requested this time was malt powder.

I love chocolate malts. I love Fuddruckers chocolate malts. I love Dalt's* chocolate malts. With curly cheese fries. After a tri-Stake dance late on a Saturday night. (I love that I wondered why my skin was never clear in High School.) They don't have chocolate malts in Poland. They don't even have malt powder. Oh, they have plenty of MALT. The kind you can drink even, if you know what I mean. But I'm not that kind of girl. So I'm left to make my own chocolate malted milk shakes. I don't do this a lot and they don't require all that much malt powder, so when I saw that my mother had bought 3 containers of malt, I thanked her kindly but was afraid I couldn't/shouldn't bring more than one back with me because of space/weight limitations. Especially considering I was already bringing 8 pounds of brown sugar with me, among other things (guess how long eight pounds of brown sugar lasts at Lisa's house? 2 months? Maybe.).

Did you read the sentence before last? Three containers of malt! I did not accept them! I am an idiot! And now I am an idiot with no malt powder because I found this wonderful recipe, made it twice, and ran out. I could make these cookies 4-5 more times if I had had the foresight to accept what was already purchased for me! Kick, kick, kick!

*I just read that Dalt's closed in 2005!! This is a travesty! I will be in mourning for the next few days. I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. I seek the comfort of family and friends who have also loved that place.
If you give these cookies to your kids, they might react this way:

Then they might start in on them like this:

They might realize that there's some filling in there. Mmmmm:

Once they realize what it is they're eating they will continue to partake, now with only a slightly confused expression:

Chomp, chomp chomp:

Remember I said they were really sweet and rich?:

Your kids might really enjoy them, too. If you're nice enough to share!


McEwens said...

YUMMY!!!!!! I am sitting here debating, well... do I click on the site, find out HOW to make them.... and add yet another vise??? I dunno, I am trying to maintain control...... BUT they look SO YUMMY!!!!
yeah, i am clicking

sarah k. said...

Language police to the rescue! The word "cookie" comes from the Dutch "koekje" which is pronounced "kook-yeh". As we all know, English is really modified Dutch. Anyway, the suffix "-je" means little, or diminutive. So a koekje is a little cake.

Nance said...

When my brother served a mission in Japan, we'd have to send him things like tortillas, chocolate milk and root beer extract. And I had a friend in Australia that wanted Ranch Dressing. Funny the things you desperately miss when you can't get it anywhere. I used to buy malt powder a lot because my husband like blueberry malts and you can't exactly get that most places. I will add this recipe to the ever growing list of cookie recipes (or desserts) I need to try. Why do I love treats so much!?! I never have an over abundance of dinner recipes.

Nance said...

Sorry, I wrote CHOCOLATE MILK, which really wouldn't ship well to Japan. I meant CHOCOLATE CHIPS!

Kazzy said...

Look at the blue eyes on your baby! I married a handsome guy with baby blue eyes and got ZERO blue-eyed babies. Four boys, all with my brown eyes. But I digress...those cookies sound amazing!

Kimberly said...

Oh. My.

I think attempting this recipe would be a very, very bad idea for me.

I am so going to do it anyway.

If our local store sells malt powder that is (tiny town in the middle of nowhere = not to likely).

Okay kiddos, mommy's going shopping tomorrow!

Moody said...

Oh gosh, if this is anything like that banana cake I'm in big trouble! I can't wait to try these. I'm sorry for your lack of malt. I do feel for you!

Erin said...

Nathan is going to be going to Vienna and Budapest in Nov/Dec. He wants to go to Poland to if it works out. So what do you need other than malt powder? (which I have never bought before--except malt flavored ovaltine I think)

When we were in Krakow we met some people that were opening an American bookstore/cafe. I wonder if it is still there. I remember they were shipping in palates of brown sugar and other such delicacies!

Jen said...

Not really fair to taunt strangers with cookies. Especially if you're including pictures of these cookies being consumed by lucky little children (who are very cute by the way!).

You must like to bake. Those cookies looked store bought they were so perfect!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for giving us a blog award!! I LOVED it, and it made me feel that maybe our little blog is worth reading. We have had family in town, so I haven't posted, or read too many blogs lately, but let me tell you that I miss my daily blog hopping. So, back to normal is definitely a good thing. Your kids are so cute and I can't wait to try this recipe out....delicious! I'll be posting my blog award on my blog soon just because it makes me so gosh darn happy. :) Keep writing, you are hilarious!

Heather of the EO said...

Yes, gotta love the blue eyes. And the yumminess shared.

Hey um. I gave you an award today! Go check it out. NOW. GO. DO IT.

Me plus 3 Hecks said...

I am not going to look at this recipe, because then I would NEED to make them, and I just finished off half a BATCH of homemade oreos and am feeling my arteries closing...in delight. :) Ok, so maybe I'll have to try them--they look DELISH!

Melanie J said...

I think my husband would flip for these cookies. I always try to make him some new cookie treat he'll love on his birthday (last birthday: Oaxaca fudge bars and pineapple cheesecake bars), and I think I know what I'm doing this time....thanks for the cookie tip!

David Sibert said...

That is so funny! I too am a fan of Fudruckers and their yummy malt. There is just something about it that makes you go mmmmm. Jamie goes to the Martha Stewart website. She even has 2 of her books.

Alison Wonderland said...

Um, yum. Very very hungry now.

jonesfamily said...

I want some! Sethy and I will be right over with more malt! Isaac can stay at home and eat his pears.

I'm assuming "doo-dah" is polish, unless you've been playing "De Do Do Do De Da Da Da" for him lately. You HAVE to get that on video!

jonesfamily said...

Oh, and Dalt's!? That sad story sounds familiar and oh, so sad! Good times, good times. At least we have a Fuddruckers close enough by. Remind me to take you there next time you're here. And don't kick me because I've never thought of taking you there until now!

Jenni said...

ok, so I told you I went right out, bought the ingredients, made them, inhaled them...they are gone after a day and my kids ate maybe 1 a piece and my husband only had a few...so what does that say about me??? It's the cookie, not me, they are unbelieveable. I'll bet they are even better after day 2 or 3, but no way they'd last that long.