Saturday, August 2, 2008

He Dances, Too!

Here's Greg's latest creation. I'm finding I can't control which of his videos shows up in my sidebar. Oh well. In this one, Aaron is proving that singing isn't his ONLY talent! He dances to "LMNO" by They Might Be Giants. The video was shot the first day he started shaking his bum, and he wouldn't do it much once the camera was on, of course. So this isn't his real bum shaking dance, as it is new to him here, and he thinks it's funny, and involves more of his body. I'm still hoping to get some video of his real bum shaking, although he does it less and less often these days. Now he's more about the shoulder shrugging and arm waving.

And just in case you missed it while it was in the side bar, this one's for anyone who hasn't had their fill yet of our balcony, or for people who might want to show it to their kids for educational purposes, as it's a documentary.


Erin said...

He is so hilarious! I love it.

Nice documentary, Greg.

Ari (Baking and Books) said...

What a charismatic young man! This totally brought a smile to my face. :)