Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back to Blogging Basics

Oh, how I miss blogging.  I miss reading the blogs of friends who have quit blogging, and I miss daily reading the blogs of those who still do , and I miss posting more than once a month.  It's like a whole social network that seems to have fizzled out for me (and a lot of others).

There seems to be less to say.  I have fewer things that I feel like documenting.  I have the same, old feeling that nobody wants to read it, and if I don't really want to write it all that much, it's doubly pointless.  And, usually, I don't really want to write it all that much.  But I miss posting.  There was something therapeutic about typing out words that came from my brain.  But that all just seemed to fizzle out, somehow.

Remember the days of memes?  Everybody did them, one or two at least, until some people got bored of reading them (not me!) and other people got bored of writing them and they just sort of fizzled out?

And what about blog awards?  Not the real, many-people-have-to-vote-for-you awards that are still around,  but the ones that didn't actually mean anything very BIG?  Except they felt like something BIG because they meant someone read your blog and cared, and they made you love blogging and your fellow bloggers?  And even though, like the memes, they were a little childish, you still quite loved them?  And then they just sort of fizzled out?

Well, for a long time I have wanted to really sort of get back into a blogging mode (yes, really, sort of) and then, providentially, I received a blog award.  Did you read that!?!  A blog award!!!  It has been years!  But last week, Amy at How to be Superwoman awarded me the Liebster award!  And, even though it's a many-people-did-NOT-have-to-vote-for-me award, it still feels BIG.  And it brought back some of my old blogging feelings.  Thank you, Amy!

So with that introduction, I am going to pass along this award.  It's meant to go to blogs with under 200 followers.  I quite love that many of the blogs that I have read almost from their beginngings have grown to the point that they don't qualify for the award, based on this one criteria.  You guys are awesome!  And you're not getting this award!  :)  But here are the blogs that do!

The Craig Report  Funniest male blogger.  Father of seven, bishop, weirdo.
What do Worms Smell Like  Great photography and lovely thoughts to go with it.  Laura served her mission in Poland and then went home and married a friend of my family!  :)
Dreams of Quill and Ink  L.t. creates things using nothing but ordinary words.  Very, very beautiful things.  (plus she's about the nicest person ever).
The Days and Nights of Robierto  For the life of me I can't remember how I found his blog, but he's hilarious.  Case in point: go read his Blind Dates post.  Go!
because I really can't get enough of myself  Melissa is one of those very funny people with millions of challenges in life and the ability to make us laugh about them while also being a stay at home mother with a hundred creative online projects going.  I quite adore her.  And her blog.

This was just the motivation I needed.  I think.  To get me back to blogging, I mean.  Hope to see you all around more often!


Kazzy said...

Great choices. I only read a couple of them regularly. Love LT's writing. :)

L.T. Elliot said...
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L.T. Elliot said...

Oh, LIS! You sweet thing, you! I can't even believe...Thank you. I'm truly so touched. Thank you. *giant hugs* You know what sucks? That you live so far away. So you know what I should do? Come visit you! Love you!

(And Kazzy, I quite adore you!)

Moody said...

I agree...I miss blogging and the whole blogging community. For me, my life has changed a lot and I'm not sure about sharing those changes just yet. Maybe I just will though. What the heck. I'm off to check out those blogs now!

Laura said...

Wow! Thank you so much! I'm honored. (And I thought I could only win awards for 5 followers and under...
Now I feel like I need to clean up for company or something.)

Seriously though, thanks.

I hope this means you'll be blogging more too because I love reading your posts!

Ken Craig said...

My first blog award! My only blog award! And you will forever be adored (by me) for it. Thank you, and I accept. It's an honor just to be nominated.

And I have some of the same feelings as you. Which is one of the reasons I post so seldom. Thank you for reading.

Your weirdo friend,

Susan said...

Congratulations. I also find your blog in the "beloved" category of blogs, regardless of the number of followers.

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