Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Solving Yet Again

Am I the only one who's noticed that the joke's on us?  That the the term "resolution" comes from the root word "resolve", and that the word resolve* means RE-SOLVE, or in other words, to SOLVE AGAIN (don't check your dictionary, just take my word for it, please).  So at the beginning of a new year we all make lists of how to solve the same problems over again.  Because we failed last year.  Obviously.  New Years Try Again, Losers (and fail again, too!) might be a more fitting term.

But whatever.

I've been inspired by so many of my friends who've made lists and really enjoyed reading them, so I will post my own to look back on next year, before I type them up again at the beginning of next January.  So here is my list of problems to try solving again:

I'm getting tired of being dumbish.  I've always wanted to know more stuff, but always been too lazy to learn it (I just want to know it, please).  This year
I will:
* study scriptures NOT for a few minutes before I fall asleep, but in the morning when I'm not half asleep.  This might be easier because we've already started being ready for school early and spending that last ten minutes or so before Greg takes the kids to school sitting together in a quiet living room, each doing our personal scripture study.  I LOVE this.
* Do more than a quick scan of Wikipedia when I want to know about something.  I do that far too often.  I  will research subjects that interest me in more detail.  I will also learn more about things that other people know/think they know so I can be better informed.
* Read fewer status updates/comments and more non-social-type writings.
* Learn how to do things.  On the computer/phone, playing basic hymns on the piano and maybe the ukulele if Evie ever gets off long enough for me to learn.  Etc.

I always think it's so funny when people tell me that the wished they baked more.
I will:
Bake dessert no more than twice, and a sweet breakfast (muffins/scones) only once, per week.  I've made this resolution before and only lasted for a few weeks.  I will do better.

I don't sit down very much, but I also spend very little time making my heart pump rapidly.
I will:
Get out on my own or with Greg and walk fast at least 15 minutes a day (preferably 30+) after the kids get home and we've chatted over their lunch.  I am exempt on days when the blizzard is so fierce that a person cannot move in any direction.  Or when there is a flood, fire, tornado or hurricane.  Or earthquake.

I've been getting better at this, but ohmygosh I have a long way to go.
I will:
Teach Aaron the alphabet/reading basics, whether he wants to learn or not.
Talk to Aaron and Spence more about things as we go along.
Start more discussions with Ev and Dave.  Have more gospel-centered conversations.

for Pete's sake.
I will:
On facebook.  Even when people say dumb or offensive things.
And in real life.  I'll stop myself when I feel a room going quiet and realize that I'm expressing my opinion about something as if it is the Holy Truth.  (although I still call some of those things holy truth.  Like how Poles should not pee in plain sight on the side of the road. :)
On my blog, however, I will write whatever I want.

I will:
Stop acting like everything matters so much.
Smile more.
Forgive more easily.
Let other people decide things more often.
Never lose my temper.

Well, that oughtta do it!  Wish me luck!!
*and to those who are saying, "doesn't resolution come from resolute?" I say, "Don't sass me."


Carolyn V said...

Awesome resolutions!

My resolution is to get on top of my writing. *Fingers crossed* (hee hee. I'm doing my problems all over again. eeck!)

Magda said...

Życzę powodzenia! Zawsze kiedy czytam Twojego bloga czegoś się uczę i poprawiam sobie humor ale dzisiaj po prostu jestem pod wrażeniem. Zrobiłaś listę rzeczy, które w ogromnej większości i ja powinnam zrobić ale mi się nie chciało tego spisywać bo to napisane kuje w oczy i mobilizuje czynów, wygodniej nie zapisywać i nie mieć wyrzutów sumienia, że się czegoś nie zrobiło zganiając na słabą pamięć ;) Tak mnie zmobilizowałaś, że już zaczęłam i powieszę sobie ją na lodówce- niech kuje w oczy i mobilizuje. Punkt pierwszy- nie odkładać niczego na potem ;) Dziękuję Lisa, że jesteś, za Twój przykład, mądrość i ciepło.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Personally, I love your "Be more easygoing" section. I really need that, too.

Lara said...

I like the easygoing part, too. I'm sure life is easier for the easygoing, so I hope to try that theory out a bit.

I like all of your resolves, though! And I'm pretty sure that the root word is the same for resolve and resolute. Love your thoughts on the etymology, and I'm sure they're not so far from the truth!!!

Melanie Jacobson said...

I pretty much don't do resolutions, but since school is starting back up, I'm making some goals that all involve my kids and doing some better mothering. So I think that means I've got it right. :)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I totally want to copy your list and paste it over top of my own. Great resolutions!

Susan said...

You can still walk for 15 minutes in an earthquake. Ya wimp.

Also, when you're not walking because the blizzard prevents all human movement, give me a call, I'll want to hear about that!

lesa said...

I like your list, too!

Kazzy said...

Awesome list. That last one is so good. We all know our own little personality quirks, and a lot of cookie-cutter resolutions are useless. This one, however, seems to be all about personal improvement. I like you. :)

annie valentine said...

Love your list. I'm amazed at how similar yet totally unique all our lists are. I'm turning into a resolution thief.

jo jo jane said...

good luck! (you isn't stupid.)

.....maybe i should work on some of this stuff too.

(you should have added 'enjoy myself more' 'cause, you know, everyone does:)