Friday, September 30, 2011

Kids Can Be Such a Pain

When I realized I'd left three pillows for the boys and a blanket for Spencer at home, I knew our weekend in Katowice was going to be interesting.

Then, when I realized I'd left the pacifiers at home I knew it'd be a nightmare.

Nothing like sleeping six people in a hotel room, three of them pillowless, with a baby that's up crying all night.  I was excited.

After 15 minutes of changing positions in bed he fell asleep.

I was awake all night worrying about how he was going to keep crying and nobody was going to get any sleep, making going to church the next day a royal pain.

That's how I know that Spencer whimpered for a second or two twice during the night, 'cause if I'd been asleep like everyone else in the room I wouldn't even have noticed.

How long to do I have to be a mother to learn  not to dread things like this?  Because I'm as often pleasantly surprised as I am right in my fears.

But, really, why settle in and fall asleep when you can stay up fretting over something that might happen, that surely WILL happen, that will ruin your night and your day?  In my defense, though, I was also trying to keep him covered and warm during the night by laying my Sunday skirt back over him every time he moved...


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I react that way whenever our family has to stay in a hotel room together, even if we haven't forgotten a single thing. I love that you used your skirt as a blanket - awesome!

Kazzy said...

Way to improvise! It's tough to all stay in one space.

Lara said...

I love the image of you staying awake all night just to make sure Spencer was covered up--with your skirt.

It's just what mothers do. :)

Carolyn V said...

I do that too. I think it's a mother thing to worry about things that might not happen. And even though my kids are a little older now, I still worry about them making too much noise in the hotel rooms. ;)

Melissa Bastow said...

What I hate worse than when I'm worrying about stuff that never comes to pass is when I DON'T worry and then it turns into a disaster. Because then I have extra worries later, you know, in case it happens again.

Melanie Jacobson said...

Well, to be fair, my last hotel stay with my kids was exactly like what you feared. So, there you go.