Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bent Out of Shape

One thing that bugs Greg about me is that I do way to much rushing and bustling. I far too frequently operate on "urgent" when it's not really necessary, and sometimes actually makes things worse.

"Move more slowly!" he'll say. "We really need to learn to calm down around here" he'll say.

I can't take the stairs less than two at a time. While cooking I work my way through all the bodies in the kitchen like a professional race car driver weaving through and past the competition. When my in-laws are visiting, whenever I enter a room they kind of automatically move to the edges/flatten themselves against the walls to let me whoosh past. And I wish that was more of an exaggeration than it is. I just move fast, especially when we're working on a time frame.

On Thursday morning I knew, as I breezed past Greg standing in the doorway to the kitchen, that he wouldn't like my rushing, but I had to grab the kids' lunches so they could get going and wouldn't be late for school. Heaven knows those 3 or 4 seconds I saved by running around could be the 3 or 4 seconds that made all the difference! Before Greg had a chance to get bent out of shape about my rate of motion, my toe did. Get bent out of shape, that is.

I stubbed it on the door frame. Really, really hard. And it hurt. Really, really badly. And I thought, Greg is so right. I really do need to calm down and move more slowly/carefully.

And he stood there while I wailed and cried (yes, I pretty much did. Baby.) and nary an "I told you so" escaped his lips.

As a punishment (well, natural consequence, really), instead of going to breakfast for our usual Saturday morning date, we only had time to go to the ER to see if they could fix my toe, which I'd only realized was looking extra crooked on Friday night. Then, even though I had us all completely packed and ready for our weekend trip (for church), it was too late for us to make it to the hotel before bedtime (a recipe for a disastrous hotel stay, especially with napping in the car), so Greg went on his own and I stayed home with the kids. But it wasn't all bad. Since we were all bummed we wouldn't get to go, Greg took us for a little 1/2 hour adventure before he left, and that was totally worth everything. More on that later.

And my toe is totally fine. Crooked and swollen, but apparently the crookedness is from the last time I stubbed it a few years ago. When I was rushing around to save another 3 or 4 seconds during some other life threatening crisis, no doubt.


Barbaloot said...

Reminds me of that country song "I'm in a hurry to get things done."

Melissa Bastow said...

3 or 4 seconds are ALWAYS crucial. I mean, what if you think, "Oh these few seconds don't count" like 500 times a day? And then the next thing you know, it's tuesday, next month, and nothing is done. IT TOTALLY HAPPENS. It's just too bad your toe had to suffer for your efficiency.

Susan said...

I never weave around people in the kitchen. I order them to move out! No apologies, either, since I'm rushing around there for their sake!

I never notice my rushing much unless we have visitors, most especially DadTom, who always gallantly stands to the side to let me "whoosh"past.

Obviously I don't whoosh as much as you do, but it sure seems to keep off your baking calories.

Becky said...

Oh, man! Sorry 'bout your toe. I could probably write a post just like this one, only instead of the toe, I fall down the garage steps. Twice a week. All year long. But that's not the point. We've gotta slow down! (Will you tell me how when you figure it out?)

Connie said...

Love your blog, but I don't know how I found it. I do plan to come back.

Lara said...

My husband does the same thing! I always get a kick out of watching him run around when he has to get to work or wherever. It amuses me. :)

I'm sorry about your toe! Ouch!

Corine said...

I'm so sorry... I sympathize completely; I lived rushed like that for years, and lost so much time to accidents etc. as a result of it! I wonder if you secretly wish your husband would speed up more, to compensate and help you slow down. Perhaps not... but that is what it was like for me. :o Thankfully, we rubbed off on each other. :D I'm quite thankful for that, and am enjoying the transformations we create in each other more all the time!

Happy wishes for you...
Corine :D