Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Give It Up For A Wonderful Husband

I used to be a wearer of heels. Not like every day or anything, since it wasn't really such a big thing back then, but I almost always wore high heels to church. I always felt so feminine, so sophisticated, so much taller than usual.

I used to dance, too. Oh, how I loved to dance. I would dance and dance and dance at any opportunity. As a teen I was a highly skilled dancer of the Bobby Brown and a hundred other moves (the names of which escape me now, thankfully) that made younger teens, and some humble older ones, crowd around me and my sister at tri-stake dances for lessons on how to look as awesome as we did on the dance floor.

Oh, how I loved to dance. I gave up most of those specific dances that immediately shout "EARLY NINETIES!!!" when I went off to college (because by then it was almost mid-nineties and those dances were so last season), but I still loved to dance. There were few things that made me feel more happy and free than moving to music.

But one of the things that did make me feel more happy and free was when I was hanging out with my friend Grzegorz. Man, I loved that. So much so, in fact, that I thought it would be worth it to give up some of the things I loved for the privilege of hanging out with him for the rest of ... ever.

I don't wear heels anymore. Grzegorz is not a fan. Although I may have felt feminine and sophisticated (and taller) in them, he thought it just looked awkward and impractical. Bye-bye, pumps. (I did get to wear them for my brother's wedding a couple of years ago and learned that it's just like riding a bike: if you haven't done it for ten years, you're bound to be rather wobbly at it.)

I don't dance in public places anymore. My enjoyment of dances and the frequenting of dance clubs came to an abrupt halt. Grzegorz doesn't dance. I don't go dancing without him. The end.

And I'm okay with that. Of course there are times I resent it a tiny bit, but only when I forget that it's worth it. So worth it. What was that definition of sacrifice? Giving up something good for something better? Yes. That's just exactly how I would define my "losses". Something good for something WAY better.


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

I, too, gave up heels, but it was because they make me taller than my hubs. He actually says that doesn't bother him, but it's weird. Every once in a while I'll buy another pair, for girls' nights out. Maybe you should get a pair, just to keep your skills up, for when you and Evie paint the town!

MelancholySmile said...

I purposely married someone who can dance {we met while swing dancing- the 1940's swing, not country swing} and yet, my dancing days still came to a halt. Funny how four kids and the duties of being an adult preclude much of what I used to hold dear.

But just as you say, it's so worth it.

PS- J gave up stupid guy movies {ie Dumb and Dumber} when we married. I remind him frequently that he gave it up for something much better. :D

olivia said...

this is splendid.
I want to wear heels, but I lack the funds and the balance thereof.
this is splendid.

Melissa said...

I also used to love to dance, but I did the ballroom sort. One night at BYU, I danced with my crush in bare feet around our apartment swimming pool until my feet bled. Isn't that romantic? Then I married Mr. White-Boy-Got-No-Rhythm and my dancing came to a halt. But it was SO worth it, because he is AWESOME!

Sylwia said...

you can always dance at home with your kids and teach them to dance. My kids love it when we dance, even my pre teens. Last cinco de mayo we had a dance. i have a pic on my blog. everyone was happy. so i highly recommend you introduce it to your kids. they may love it as much as you did!

Carolyn V said...

Aw! That is just sweet! High heels aren't that great anyway. =)

Kimberly said...

I gave up heels and dancing for Neil too! Heels make me taller than him and he does NOT like that. He danced when I met him, but in his mind dancing was what you did to meet a girl so once he had me, why keep dancing?

Silly boy.

Erin said...

I can't wear heels. I walk like how I would imagine a tall man would walk in them. Plus, I tower over everyone without heels. With heels makes me a regular Amazon woman (with pasty white skin).

I wish I knew anything about the Polish language. How do you pronounce Grzegorz?

Melanie Jacobson said...

This is why I had to marry a man who thinks heels are sexy. Perhaps this is the secret to our success.