Friday, April 9, 2010

One. No, Two. . . THREE!!

Yesterday Aaron turned three. Just writing that makes me feel inexplicably weepy, so let's move along.

Aaron just LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine, or Tomek, as he's known in Polish. I happened to know this year that my mom would be giving him a Thomas DVD:

so for weeks before his birthday I thought about how great it would be to have a Thomas themed party. When it came time to make his cake, this is what I made:

Because Aaron also loves the color yellow, and I know my limits, which include making a train shaped/decorated cake. (apparently they also include adding enough food coloring to make a cake actually look yellow and cutting the corner of the plastic bag used for piping the right size. Oh and planning the writing so I can write a number three instead of spelling it out) Can I just tell you how light and fluffy this yellow cake. . . wasn't*?Good thing Greg's parents are Polish and are therefore not used to moist, light cake. They enjoyed it plenty.

So did the birthday boy!

To go along with the revised birthday theme Ev and Dave picked out some fancy presents.

Doesn't he look thrilled? He was in real life, though. He opened each of them up and said, "YELLOW!!" (So glad I didn't spend money and stress on Thomas stuff!)

Within five minutes of having opened it, the ball found itself, not on the balcony (or terrace, as Greg's parents call it) where we were, but over here:

See the yellow dot in the middle of the picture? That's the ball, in the neighbor's backyard. The other ball's ours, too. And you might think I based the cake colors on that house, but I swear it's a coincidence.

This is me doing what I do best.

No, not wearing brown in the Spring, closing eyes for pictures OR going six months without having my hair cut (thought I'm good at those things, too). EATING CAKE.

And this little boy is three months old (and a half) when his brother is turning three years old!

Yesterday, when Evie and her friend were going upstairs to play Aaron asked, "Aaron up-up, too?" Evie said he could go with them and he replied, "Oh, thank you! So nice!" He tells me I'm so nice for doing things like getting him juice and turning on a TV show he wants to watch.

Sometimes he answers yes or no questions like this: "Aaron, do you want to go back inside or not?" "Uuuummmm. Not."

He's careful not to offend people and when he wants to reject something he says things like, "How 'bout I don wannit?" Or "Leebeedeet (little bit) yummy, leebeedeet not yummy."

We can't believe he keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. He was never a fit thrower and he sits on the stairs when I give him time out and promptly apologizes when I come to get him out. If I don't go to Spencer soon after he starts crying Aaron gets upset and calls, "Mommy! Beh-doh (Spencer) SAD!"

We are shocked by his sudden explosion in the vocabulary department the last two months (I won't say "finally") and while my in-laws were here from Easter till yesterday he just started speaking Polish as if he'd known it all along.

For the past year, anytime he was asked how old he is in English (granted it was very infrequently) He always answered, "One! No. . . Two!!" Always. (and usually while holding up all five fingers). I had hoped when he turned three we could finally get him to just answer "three" but instead he answers what you see in the title. Oh well. Maybe when he turns four.

*The frosting was great, though. (I added a little extra sugar.)


Micah Lee said...

What a great post Lisa, I feel like I was there. The cake bit was a challenge to believe as it's hard to imagine you as anything but a master pastry chef. What a sweet boy Aaron is, I can't even imagine a three year old so gentle with his words like that. I cant wait to spend time with him since he was just a baby the last time i saw him.

Erin said...

I really enjoyed this post and your descriptions of Aaron's sweet personality (especially the diplomatic refusals). I remember when I took Lizzy to her 3 yr old check up, the doctor asked her her full name and how old she was and she failed both of those tests! Didn't even know how to hold up 3 fingers. I also remember when Evie was little and you asked her how old she was and she could hold up her finger and say one. It was so cute. It is amazing how your kids manage to learn 2 super hard languages simultaneously!

That frosting looks SO yummy! We need a birthday so I can try it out!

Heather said...

I love all the pictures and all the yellow. You have really raised the bar with you cake making skillz. :) I hope to whip up something at least that decent for my daughter's party tomorrow.

MelancholySmile said...

Yep, Yellow is a happy color indeed. :) Love the way you document the day- I felt like a guest at the party!

Barbaloot said...

That cake looks yummy! I love how easily please little kids are with presents. If only we could all be so satisfied with life.

Anne said...

THANK YOU for all the pictures! Happy Birthday to my sweet nephew!

That Girl said...

That frosting seriously looks amazing. I might ruin my diet this weekend.

(Love the pics!)

Elizabeth said...

Awesome party mom you are! I can't believe how much Greg looks like his dad. IT was also fun to see pictures of your neighborhood, I can just imagine Poland through those little glimpses. Thanks!

*MARY* said...

All I can think about is that frosting! It looks so good.
What a happy day.

Melanie J said...

Grant is a little naughtier than Aaron but I have to say, I love toddlerhood. For every frustration, there's a greater delight with these little guys.

charrette said...

Oh my gosh, you're baby has the most priceless angelic smile!

Becky said...

What nice looking children you make. :)

Happy Birthday to your Aaron! Birthdays are indeed bittersweet. But it looks like it was a great day all around.

P.S. Mine are three and a half years apart. It makes things interesting, for sure.

L.T. Elliot said...

Happy Birthday to little Aaron! Isn't is such a blessing to have such a gentle spirit in the home? One of my sons is like this and while I love all of my kids, it's such a delight to have a tender little guy. =] The cake looks yummy!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Spencer is adorable in that picture. I loved this post, and it made you even more endearing. :) I am getting my hair cut today for the first time since August or September. I really need to get it together.

Lara said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! Sophia is still learning how to say she's 3 and it's been since July. :)

I just got my hair cut for the first time since July, also. I was a little afraid of finding a new person to do it, that's all.

Heather of the EO said...

Oh Happy Birthday to your little guy. Maybe he'll get it by the time he's five. You know, he'll catch up with his fingers :)

Kazzy said...

Happy birthday to Aaron! What a cutie.

Been thinking about you guys today with the tragedy that has struck your country. So sad.

Ewelina said...

♥Mom♥! you ARE so funny! I don't get why you don't think so!? Yes, the cake was delicious♪, and yes Aaron did like his presents♪, forgot to say that after that he only played with the motorcycle!♥

Pancake said...

your baby is darling! Hey Lisa, just was thinking about you and all of poland with the sudden loss of your leaders. Hope all is well, and things are ok for poland and your family

Erin said...

How do you get the balls out of the neighbor's yard? Is it an ordeal, or are they okay with it?

Happy birthday to Aaron. My kids love(d) Thomas once upon a time.

Kimberly said...

Just caught up on reading your blog. A few thoughts...

1) You are HILARIOUS. Truly.
2) Your blog looks so purdy!
3) So do you!
4) I'm craving cake now!
5) And Aaron is an absolute doll!

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Your hair is getting so long! Mine too. Let's go get makeovers together! Could you meet me somewhere in the middle?

Susan said...

I just came back here since I saw the label "cake Tuesday" and couldn't for the life of my think of what that was...
I love this post, and I don't see a comment from me.
leebeedet yummy, leebeedet not yummy. the cake "challenges" and all, just too funny. And the picture of Spencer is soooo beautiful. And now he's so big!! Anyway, have fun on your trip!

sol Tamalyn said...

Hello Lisa!!!
Beautiful party, makes me want to eat the cake looks soft.
get great photos ..
I'm from Brasil and love your blog and your texts .. hugs