Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My poor old laptop is really and truly dying.  I hope we can get through this difficult time in our lives.  I know we at least have a few more days together, so I'm trying to make the most of them, and won't actually start my dance of joy until the death is complete (because how rude would that be).  Some reasons I will rejoice when I inherit Greg's laptop are:

I will be able to open up ANY BLOG I want to
I will be able to comment on people's blogs
I will be able to watch people's videos
I will be able to listen to people's music
I will be able to see people's slideshows
I will not wait 48 hours for the computer to complete every command I give

All of the above will be accomplished without the computer shutting down on me.  That will be great.

This weekend while we were traveling we stopped in a mall and took a peek at new laptops for Greg (haven't found one yet. . .).  I made an observation though, that I wanted to share:  

Killzone 2 for Playstation 3! Really?  Because the first Killzone wasn't gory or graphic enough?  It's probably not as bad as it sounds, but I just don't have a husband or kids that play computer games (at all) and I can't imagine how we came to a point where people are rushing to the store to buy a heavily advertised and likely long awaited game called Killzone.  Wow.  

And now. . . how to transition. . . Oh!  I know:

Fortunately we get to choose what games we play (I know we can't choose for our spouses, sorry girls!)  and what other forms of entertainment we want to take part in.  And guess what?  I choose the good stuff!  Like Annette Lyon's latest book in her temple series, Tower of Strength.

In Stores Now!

It's just come out and it's good in all senses of the word.  But I'll be telling you more about the book another day (it requires its own post) but for now I'll just tell you that Annette's doing lots of celebrating and she's having a huge givaway bonanza (first time I've ever used that word.  Hopefully the last, too, although it is a great descriptor for this super awesome giveaway week)  Click those links to enter the giveaway!  But first check out this trailer for her book (I'd never heard of book trailers before this.  Cool!)


Kazzy said...

Oooo, I am so impatient when it comes to computer speed. I know what you mean, and I hope Greg's laptop works out for you. Liked the book trailer too. I have never seen one before.

Pancake said...

Hope you get a new lap top soon! Nothing worse than WAITING for things to upload!

Lara said...

I hear you on the computer. Mine is getting very senile, but is still fairly spry. But there are two blogs it refuses to open. I'm very excited for you to get a new one!

And, excellent job choosing the better part.

Melanie J said...

Yeah, an upgraded laptop is a beautiful thing, all right.

Kimberly said...

I'd be happy to have a laptop period. Sigh. Some day.

So sorry for your many frustrations though!

Becky said...

I know it hasn't happened yet, but I want to offer my sincerest sympathies about the death of your laptop. So sad. And by sad I mean hooray for you!

My husband isn't into video/computer games either, which I love. Killzone...? What is the world coming to?

Melissa Bastow said...

So what I want to know is why does Greg get the new laptop? CLEARLY your needs are above his. Blogging is serious business that requires the ultimate machine of quickness and blog openingness (not to mention superb commentingness.) Plus I bet you'd be able to pick one out faster, sparing you the torture of another viewing of Killjoy (because, ewww. And yuck.)

JustRandi said...

My laptop is on its very last legs, too. I'm not sure what's going to happen...
Less than 48 hours per command sounds like a good upgrade, though!

Alison Wonderland said...

Kill zone isn't that bad, it's ... oh forget it. I'm not sure whether we have Killzone or not but we do have Gears of War (where you can kill your opponants with a chainsaw if you want to) and Max Payne and... What am I gonna do? I married him to be his wife not his mom.

Brillig said...

Okay, yeah. You so need Greg's laptop. I'll do a little happy dance here (where your old laptop can't see me, of course) that the end is near! WOohooo!

Luisa Perkins said...

My piece on Annette is finally up--sorry for the delay!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I'm so happy for you that you're getting a new laptop. Computer issues are the most frustrating. Honestly, people have never made me want to swear, but computers have pushed me almost to the point of really truly cussing ---not Mormon-cussing, but using real words :-)

I love the trailer. I'm glad you posted it.

Abra said...

Ditto on the computer, mine is really acting up lately :( Video games are dumb, but I can't talk because I just bought Call of Duty World At War for my boys.... I love your transition :) The book trailer is awesome! I've never seen or heard of that either.

charrette said...

Love the trailer. First one I've seen for a book.

And laptop? Did anyone say LAPTOP? I would practically kill for one! (But that would be bad...) I'm also an admitted Mac snob, so it will take me awhile to save my pennies. Hooray for you and Greg's computer, though. That is awesome.