Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unexpected Conclusion

I finally got Greg to agree to write something for my blog!  I read him excerpts of the comments on my last post:
* I never once thought [it] looked like a tramp stamp
* . . .no, "tattoo" didn't even cross my mind.  You're right on this one.
* I have never thought "tattoo" while looking at your blog.
* I have never thought "tattoo" when I've looked at your blog.
* I love your simple, swirly, not-tattooish background.
* I. . .have never thought "tattoo"
* And about the tatto question...nope, never thought it.
* I certainly don't see or think tattoo . . .
* I wasn't really thinking tatto at any point of seeing your background, EVER.
* I admit the tatto thing made me giggle.

He kept trying to get me to stop reading them, even though he was the one that requested that I ask you in the first place!  But he's no sore loser!  He typed up his conclusion of this little experiment.  It is a great demonstration of his intelligence and keen use of deduction and reasoning: 

"The obvious conclusion of Lisa's scientific poll is that women are either dishonest, have no imagination or are kiss ups (all "ha, ha, it doesn't look like a tattoo, can I still be your friend, Lisa" comments were made by females, and no men disputed the fact that the background depicts a tattoo)."

 Well, if men, such as the author of this quote are "honest, imaginative, and not kiss ups" (and I think it's fairly safe to consider Greg a non-kiss up, wouldn't you say?) I think I'll have to say, I'll stick with you ladies on the other side!!  But I'll also keep the husband as he's way too cute and hilarious not to.  

And if I post on Sunday it's supposed to be something "sorta churchy" (sorry about the first half of this post!)  So I will tell you about an extremely interesting debate (IMO)  we listened to on the way home from church (for the second time).  It's an IQ2 (Intelligence Squared) live debate that took place in Australia in August titled "We'd Be Better Off Without Religion", with engrossing arguments for both sides.  If you click on the link you will go to a site wherein, at the bottom of the first little blurb you can find a link to view the debate.  I highly recommend it.

It was fascinating to me, a person who has had very little experience with Atheists or knowledge of Atheism.  Fascinating.  And it sort of helped me realize where I stand on Global Warming (in the camp that says, "let's take care of the earth because we should" while standing quite a good way off from the very loud, science-based Environmental Advocates.)  

One of the speakers promised that if you read a certain book, by the end of it you will no longer be a Christian.  Greg is very interested in accepting the challenge.  Too bad, though.  I sorta like him as a Christian.

Still, if you don't understand what religion really is, and focus on what is caused by human distortion and corruption of true religion, I can see that there are all sorts of arguments against it.  I am sort of against the "evils of religion", too!  It's just too bad that those things are all lumped together with the good of religion, as well.
(If anyone does decide to watch this, I'd love to hear what you think about it, if you want to email me.)


McEwens said...

I hope he doesnt read the book, well at least to the end.

I feel like I missed something with the whole tatoo thing..... then again maybe I am just a kiss up

Annette Lyon said...

Okay, just for fun, I asked my husband to look at your background and tell me what he thought it looked like. (I didn't mention tattoos or anything else--totally blind reaction.)

His response: "Snow . . . or, um cursive, maybe."

THEN I mentioned tattoos and asked if he thought it looked like THAT. He shook his head. "Maybe if it were different colors, like black or something."

So, Greg, there's another man's opinion, someone who doesn't even know Lisa and who has no reason to be a kiss up. :D

Heather of the EO said...

A Tat, huh? Nope, don't see it.

I'm interested in this link--if you can read a book and lose your Christianity by doing it, I'm wondering what the list of other things you shouldn't do are. I'll need to be careful. I sort of like me as a Christian :)

I'm hoping to find time later today to check this out...

Heidi Ashworth said...

I have to wonder if tattoos somehow look different in Poland than here. I just want to give Greg the benefit of the doubt and all. It's just that I am feeling sorry for him, what with him already on the way out the door of Christianity. And, hey, if he can lose his testimony over that book, then I figure I had better stay wayyyy clear of the whole darn thing!

David Sibert said...

Ok, after taking much consideration and thought. I probably the only male that reads your blog that the blog design kinda looks like a tribal tattoo design. I am sorry to tell you this, but that is just the assumption based on scientific recollection database bla bla bla. I think that it could be confused a snow, but based on Miami Inc, it is tribal.

Kazzy said...

And there are so few movies that depict religion as anything even close to appealing. People aren't always sure how to discuss it without it being a "yea or nay" kind of thing. Sad, I think. Becuae it is so tied up with emotions it is a tough topic.

Josi said...

I wonder if there are any atheists that would read a book that guaranteed that by the end they would BE Christians? I applaud you and your husband's open mind about the debate. I think it comes down to the very basic issue of faith--if you don't have it, religion won't make sense. To have a religious person debate with a non-religious person on it, without being able to explain or force the non-religious to use faith, it will go nowhere.

JustRandi said...

That's pretty funny. I'm going to concede that maybe I just don't have as much experience looking at tramp stamps as Greg does.

I'm sure he's right.


(does everyone else call them that, or is it just regional?)

Abra said...

Okay, so I can actually see the tattoo aspect of the background... but only after I read this post, and I scrolled back up and looked at it again. Then I was like "Oh, yeah, I can see it."
So maybe you secretly want a tattoo and are trying to send a subliminal message ;)
Just kidding.
But yeah.

Alison Wonderland said...

Nope, no sore losing there.

JustRandi said...

Hey, I felt bad all night about my comment. I was just trying to be funny, and not in any way trying to accuse your husband of anything inappropriate.
My apologies!

pam at beyondjustmom said...

Very interesting!
I think what you said is key:
"if you don't understand. . . and focus on what is caused by human distortion. . ." So many don't get that Christianity is based on realizing we are NOT perfect. Instead, many Christians project the opposite holier-than-thou image. But I DO think it's important that we try to understand the atheists' perspective. Cheers to Greg for having the confidence to take on that challenge.

Jen said...

I work at a highschool where I get to stare at tramp stamps all day. This is WAY too classy, and not symmetrical enough for "tramp-stamp" qualifications. And the color scheme is all wrong.

There. Is that scientific enough proof?