Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Goes Around

Comes around, right? I've always believed this saying, but I didn't realize that it worked so quickly! Around the entire Earth and back to me in under a week?! Does this look familiar?
This time Nance from Wash Your Hands Afterwards has awarded me with it! How nice is she? She also happens to have a terrific blog in which she writes about everything under the sun. Lots of recipes, book/product reviews, website recommendations, anecdotes about the fam, craft projects and everything before, after and in between. It is so diversified. She posts at least one post a day and they're short (something you won't find on this blog, unfortunately) fun and interesting posts every time. So thanks, Nance!

This time around I'd like to pass this award along to some others, while feeling guilty that I can't give it to everyone:

daily RACE - This is the blog of Elder Elder and Sister Germany who served their missions in Poland and hooked up back at home where they decided to do the whole "eternity" thing together. Their blog is full of funny insights into their cute family and a little bit of back and forth teasing of him and her. Love it.

i, wright - a blog I recently discovered (through MMB). Nicki is funny and clever and you can just tell she's a great person. You can read a short post of hers that was one of my favorites here.

(Insert Title Here) - is the blog of Olivia, one of the 4 girls in the family I was a mother's helper for just after I got married. She was two when I started and had the hugest light blue eyes with black lashes, and was a super happy, intelligent little girl. She's grown into a pretty, happy, intelligent and funny young woman (she's 12- right Liv?) She's also the first person who admitted how boring my long posts are! Leave it to a teenager. :) If I am a decent mother to my children when they become teenagers, I will give at least partial credit to Olivia for what I've learned (or been reminded of) about teenagerhood by reading her blog. Thanks Livvy! (Do people still call you that?)

Now you guys can pass this along to some of your favorite blogs and display the award on your own, if you so desire (it's such an official award, you just cut and paste it from here onto your own blog)!


Alison Wonderland said...

Look at you miss fancy pants award winner AGAIN!

Susan said...

Oh, yeah, I was going to post that the first time when you awarded it to me, but I knew how much it was just you being nice (and maybe trying to get me to blog more!)