Thursday, August 7, 2008


I was feeling unwell today. The vision in my right eye went cloudy for a few minutes (!?). After that I was dizzy off and on throughout the day. We had been planning to go to a little animal park nearby and I told David that I wasn't sure if I'd be going with them since I thought it might be better if I didn't walk around too much. Then I said,
"Actually, maybe it's because I haven't been getting enough exercise."
David replied in a feigned weak and weary voice, "Maybe it's because you haven't been getting enough chocolate."

At dinner we were talking about a serious dilemma that David currently has: he doesn't have enough money to buy himself any toys. I explained that we would give him money if he did some extra chores around the house. Greg suggested that he could pull weeds from between the paving stones in the front. David's reply? "Oh, I can't. . . my back."

Then he came up with his own: "I know, Mom. Every time I'm really nice and I read to you really well then you can give me one zloty." I was all, "Ha ha, very funny." Since one of his summer responsibilities is to read to me for about a half an hour every day anyway. His sister piped in, "David! You should be paying MOM for that. You waste her time every day!"

Yes Ev, that's a good half hour I could be on the computer! Oh, the lengths I go for my children.


Jill said...

Maybe you could pay him for keeping his room clean. Three years ago, we told our three oldest kids that for every day that their room was clean, we would give them a dollar.
So far, we've paid out exactly $17.00.
Now , when they ask us for money we say "Is your room clean?" Of course, it never is, and so it's their fault that they don't have any money.

Erin said...

I think David is definitely right. You need more chocolate. I hope you are feeling better. And I am so glad to know that you are in the never category of mixing dry ingredients. I was surprised to see the even split as well since the nevers seems to be winning at first.

jenjen said...

My kids are always out of money but can't seem to get the concept of work = money. Love your site! Did you like the choco-peanut butter bars? My kids really liked them! Have a great day!


-oLiViA said...

I miss Evie!!! David reminds me of jane. Since Kate and janes party is coming up, I'm there with the problem of shortage of money. I pull weeds, but with this really cool thing form home Depot. It is so cool. I fill up a bucket of weeds and get three dollars. My weekly allowance is also 3$. I normally slack on my weed pulling job, so I'm a poor person among my friends. Have David Do Laundry with your new esay to use washer. I do ironing to keep my cell phone.

Susan said...

How I love David! He's such a wit! Thanks for the quotes from your kids, they are so refreshing...

As for kids wanting money but having bad backs, I know ALL about it! :)