Thursday, May 15, 2008

Watch Out!!

Greg's boss has been in Mielec for the past week so we haven't had him around the house much. But, as always when the boss is in town, we find out new and interesting things about Cobras and Cobra owners. (Greg is the financial manager of a factory which makes the aluminum body and chassis of the 60's sports car replicas) The latest news in Kirkham Cobras is that one of their cars was purchased for use on the set of "Iron Man." Apparently they wanted a Cobra but didn't want one that would shatter in pieces like the fiberglass ones made by our competitors. Greg pasted a picture of the scene from the movie over the poster:

That car was made in Mielec!! Seems like a waste of too many thousands of dollars to me, but from what I hear of how the movie's doing, I guess they're getting their money back (I mean, I hope lots of other movie makers buy Cobras to destroy on the set, therefore giving our company money without decreasing the value of the cars by having more in the market). We'll be watching this movie in 6 years when it comes to theaters in Poland.

Speaking of cool stuff, my sister-in-law to be is pretty cool, too! If, for any reason, you find yourself in a Del Taco, check out their new (or coming soon) "Smokin' Jalapeno Burger" which she named! Of course family who is reading this already knows about this, but what they might not have considered is how Heather is more mine than she is theirs. Besides the obvious connection, (our contest winning creativity--I'm just about to find and win some contest, too, I'm sure) she will be marrying my brother. She has chosen to marry my property, and that makes us more connected than she can ever be to my siblings. (In case you're wondering, Micah was given to me as a present on my fifth birthday). But don't worry, family, I'm sure she likes you guys, too. And maybe Mom can get a little recognition for the bearing and the birthing of the boy (they both barely made it through delivery, I believe) but, of course, this was all kind of overturned when she decided to have him on MY birthday, making him MINE! Okay, enough about that. But this is the same future sister-in-law, about whom, when I was telling my kids that she would be their Aunt soon David asked, "you mean the one who looks like a modelka?" (He's always mixing his Polish and English, but I'm sure you can guess what a "modelka" is). And she does! Hopefully this will neutralize any severe ugliness that Micah might have passed on to their children. :) They'll have gorgeous kids.

And One last important thing I learned while Greg's boss was here. Please try this: stick out your right foot and swirl it clockwise, like you're stirring soup with it. Then, in the air with your right hand draw a number six and keep your foot going clockwise. I dare you.


jonesfamily said...

How can you have like 100 posts on famousness already!??! You're destined for greatness! And I'm glad you explained the Micah present since I didn't get it until you expained it! That's funky with the foot thing! You can only do it if you go REALLY slowly! Crazy how our minds work (or don't)!

sarah k. said...

So in my family, we always have sandwichkas for lunch. Sand-weeeetch-ka for any readers who don't know the proper pronunciation.

Awesome about the Cobra. Awesome about the new SIL.

gramalee said...

Oh! I like the shortened "sil" can I use "dil"? hummmm. Maybe not. but I don't like the 3 part name. Any suggestions?

Erin said...

This bit of info might be just the excuse Nathan needs to go see this movie. Now he will have to see the car made in Mielec!!