Monday, May 5, 2008

Someone was baptized

It was Ewelina! She was baptized December 23rd, 2007. Here is a picture of us all before the fact:

And here is a picture of her and Daddy RIGHT before the fact. The pool she was baptized in is actually a lap pool, so she couldn't really stand up in it, which is why she's clinging so closely to the Dad. That and 'cause they love each other. The pool's in the basement of the building that our chapel is in where there is a gym. We rent it by the hour for baptisms and are so grateful we don't even have to leave the building! Everyone just files on down the stairs to the health club!

We were a little sad that there was no family there who really understood what was going on, but it was a great experience. Evie has been learning a lot since then. She is a good girl and we're so grateful for her example to her siblings.

And now, just to console myself, and because this picture happened to be in the mix of pictures those of the baptism were in, here's one of us waaaaaaaaaay before the fact. We were all quite a bit smaller then. This is meant to balance out the great view you get of my arm in the first picture (actually, that picture is really bad quality so it makes it hard to tell that it's all muscle). We are in Łazienki Park in Warsaw and it must have been summer 2005. If you ever come to visit us, we can take you there! It's amazing.

Also, it's suddenly become very obvious that I will have to change my blog template, unless I want swirly lines going through all my pictures, which I don't. It makes your arms look fat.


sarah k. said...

OK, it is just too amazing that you have an 8 year old kid. That kind of freaks me out a little.

jonesfamily said...

Let me know how much weight changing your blog layout takes off! It doesn't seem to be helping me much! And Adam started his blog,

Lisa said...

Sarah- I know, I read a post of yours where you can't believe that you have a six year old, and I thought, "wait till you have one get BAPTIZED! That's the turning point into old age!" I've started buying all tickets and passes to stuff using a senior citizen discount.

Katherine Bouldin said...

I can't believe Ewelina is already 8 ... well actually she's more than 8 1/2 now! I remember this cute, sweet, petite girl not even 3 years old sitting in our tiny Primary in Krakow. She always asked the best questions. The good old days!