Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stuff I Was Going to Post on My Birthday but am Posting the Day After Instead

Sometimes when people have a birthday they're allowed to write anything and everything that they want to without caring what anybody says. This also goes for people who always write anything and everything they want to without caring what anybody says.

Proof that I've always been awesome: Journal excerpts (as written)
On Sunday I was reading some of my old journal entries out loud to the kids and I had a really hard time because I was laughing so hard. You know when you keep trying to say something over and over but you can't get it out because you're laughing so hard? Like that. Only when I typed it up the funny was kinda gone out of it.
Feb. 11, 1986 (
age 9)
Sorry I haven't written for so long but my Journal was lost the hole time! Now I will write about Christmas. Well, we went to grandmas, sang songs, opened, presents, ate goodys, and played. I got. . . (list of presents, a description of the following morning and the presents received then, including a Ramses II sweatshirt and tickets to the Ramses II exhibit). . . It was so fun that I wished that day would have lasted forever. Well the time is 9:17 and I don't have anything to write so good-bye.
Oops. I almost forgot! I still haven't written about Halloween in 1985! Well, mostly it was boring, but now I remember one more thing about it. Cold! Oh, gee, I musent forget what I was. A punker. My mom did my hair all (
illegible, looks like, "snandy" I'm guessing I meant to write "standy-upy") and put red floresent hair spray on it. We got lots of candy and had a blast! I remember something really funny!
As we were leaving Eddnes (Edna's) house she was talking to my dad and said, "make sure your kids don't say what some are! Trick-or-treat smell my feet give me something good to eat, if you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear! (I refuse to believe I ever found something like this funny.)
Feb.12, 1986 (
apparently mom and dad were off on some extended trip)
Mom and dad have just pulled out. I feel like bursting into tears so I sing a song Im playing in piano.
I will be writting much more this month than usuall.
(To express my feelings.)They have left us with many treats. I know Ill miss them.
March 17, 1986

Sorry I lied on the other page. I just never think about this book. It is now 8:58 pm so I am very tired. (then an account of my St. Patrick's Day, which I'm skipping)
Hello! It's 8:03, Mar 18. I had a good day. I wore my Ramsese II shirt. I can't beileve I haven't written about the Ramsese II excibite the BYU has set up. I went to the exibit and saw many outragous things. I got my sweat shirt from dad for Christmas and the ticket from mom. We just said family prayer and it is 8:17 I am tired. Tonight we got 1 whole pack of starbursts for cleaning up's dessert good night.
I was so excited to show David, the lover of all things Ancient Egypt, about how I went to the Ramses II exhibit. Love that I said more about the "whole package" of Starbursts that we got for having cleaned up, than I did about the priceless, ancient artifacts I was able to see up close. I really haven't changed a whole lot. *sigh*

And I love the telling what time it was, and the "They left us with many treats." in the middle of my melancholy post about missing my parents. And the going back four months to relate the tale of Halloween 1985, which begins, ". . . it was boring"

Here's one other entry that I remember SO vividly. This one is from earlier on before I understood dates. I never wrote them, I just started my entries like this:
Wene I was seven I Liked PeoPle to feel sorry for me. And I told my dad. He said "come and sit on my lap." So me and anne sat on his lap. And he said "if you get hurt it hurts huh? and we said yes.
And thene we knew that it wasn't good too get hurt just for a stupud reson.

Things the kids have said that made me feel old somehow:
Evie came into the kitchen where I was washing dishes and asked, "What's a typewriter?" After I recovered, I learned that she read something about one in a Boxcar Children book. After I explained what it is a lightbulb came on, "OH!!! Like in Tarzan!!" (Trashing the Camp)

* David from the back seat of the car: "Mom, does everyone have to have iPods when they are big?" "I'm not really sure what you mean?" "Like when you get older do have to have iPods?" "Well, most people have some kind of MP3 or MP4 player, but you don't have to have one. Why are you asking?" "I just think I always want to wear glasses, instead." --- isn't "eye-pods" the most perfect name EVER for contact lenses? I love it.

* (from the mom tag) When asked "how old is mom?" David replies, "82?" I ask him to please be serious for once. He says, with a very sincere question mark on his face, "83?"

Well, sometimes she feels 82, even though she has 50 years to go. . .


KC said...

I remember that Ramses exhibit! I think I went with my class at school, but I wasn't lucky enough to get a t-shirt!

I'm still chuckling over the ipod thing.

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

I am totally laughing through this post. I have similar-type journal entries from my childhood. And I love the eye pods!

JustRandi said...

Too funny!
I threw away all my old journals when I was 18 because I was SO embarrassed.
Oh well, I do remember that my hair looked snandy almost every morning, though.

McEwens said...

HEY... I hope you had a great birthday yesterday! Wish we could have taken you to lunch!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I love the eye pods thing--kids are so darn literal. I flew from California to Utah in Feb 1986 to see that exhibit with The Spouse and his family just about a week before we got engaged. I guess that makes me (a lot) older than you, huh? Fun post!

Melanie J said...

"The left us with lots of treats"? Could totally have come from my nine year old journal. Love that.

Becky said...

I'm glad you're able to laugh about those journals. I'm pretty sure I buried mine good and deep, so they would never again see the light of day.

Anne said...

Clever, clever David. Is he keeping a journal? I'd love to hear exerpts from that! I'm surprised you didn't record how much of what kind of candy you got for Halloween!

Carlynn said...

Oh how fun! That is awesome that you have your journal and that you wrote in it. The one I have only has a few entries and I suspect by the entries that I only wrote in it when I was depressed, sad or mad. Not something I would read to my kids. lol.

Love the iPod comment. How cute is that! I wouldn't want to put "eye-pods" in either at his age. Cute.

*MARY* said...

I think you should be a punker again this year, I really want to see the standy up hair.

Erin said...

Great entries Lisa! I think that was very mature that you recognized as a kid that you liked people feeling sorry for you. I am sure some adults haven't even recognized this tendency in themselves!.

Thora said...

I laughed through this whole post; I've kept a journal (well, like six or seven of them by now) since I was a little kid, and my really old entries always make me laugh. I'm also always reading them out to people, and for some reason they never seem to think they're as funny as I do. Although I though yours were funny. Especially randomly talking about Halloween three months later.

charrette said...

Love the eye-pods, love that I'm not the only one whose kids joke about how OLD she is, and love the classic Age 9 journal entries. (I'm actually writing a book based on my 7th- and 8th-grade journal.)

A belated happy birthday --

Kazzy said...

I cracked up over your childhood journal entries. Every time I pull out my journal it is hard to stop reading. The other day I was reading about my life when I was at BYU. It was like yesterday. :) And once, when I was getting up from sitting on the floor I said to my youngest, "Mommy's old and fat." And he replied, "You're not fat!" Thanks, son.

Me plus 3 Hecks said...

I love old journal entries. Remember? I told you? And then I was going to post some and then you beat me to it and now I feel like I can't do it because people will think I'm copying you. Because what people think is very important when you're 31. As you have known. Ok. I'm still gonna do it. Thanks for the reminder.

Barbaloot said...

The journal entries are awesome! And so priceless. I wish mine were worth posting about---but I was pretty dull back then.
Also-I think I wanna do my hair snandy for Halloween now:)

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Yep, you are one funny lady!! I love reading old journals, though I am usually laughing so hard I can hardly get through it!

Moody said...

Oh man, funny stuff. It's strange what we write as children---what things we see as important at that time. You're lucky to still have your diaries.

Alison Wonderland said...

I can not stand to read old journals.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You already had writing skillz way back Missy!

This post made me laugh several times. I love the eye-pod one especially.

Heather of the EO said...

I'm so far behind on blog reading--I wish I could have said Happy Birthday earlier! But here I am now saying Happy Birthday to you!

I love the new profile pic too :)

Nance said...

very fun post. i wish my journals weren't buried in our storage unit, I'm sure I'd get a kick out of them as well.

gramalee said...

"I'm bored." :) :) Mother and daughter speak the same 9-year-old language! xoxoxox :)

Erin said...

I love old journal entries! Happy belated birthday!

Cute blog, by the way. Thanks for finding your way onto mine.