Thursday, October 30, 2008


I just deleted a medium length post because I decided that less is more on this subject. (I was getting into issues of faith and how I've learned how different we all are in that area. Gone.)

I love blogging. I love that when I come across a blog that I feel uncomfortable reading, either because of the subject matter or the way subjects are addressed, I can just not read them. Even if they're hilarious or clever or well written or intelligent, and "everyone is reading them." I don't have to go back there and I don't have to worry that they might think I'm judging them, which would surely happen if we were in the same Relief Society and I chose not to spend too much time with someone. I love that they can be them, and I can be me without us getting in each other's way.

I just want to tell you guys that I think you are awesome. I should probably be emailing you individually or something, but I am really grateful that the blogs I have chosen to read consistently do not contain things that I feel uncomfortable with. No obnoxious political posts (political post are fine, just leave out the obnoxious), no gossiping, no questioning their faith in an irreverent way or mocking people they disagree with.

I wasn't ever going to include anything political on this blog, and I actually don't think the Prop 8 thing is a political issue, so I just wanted to tell you all that I love that there have been some good positive yes on 8 posts, and none of you have felt the need to vent your feelings on your blogs against the church for it's stance, or against the "evil" people who are against the proposition. I kind of think (hope) it's because you don't struggle with those feelings, but if you do, I recommend this post written by a woman who has tried to reconcile her personal feelings with the church's stance. Half of that post I can't relate to, as I've never struggled with an opinion that went against doctrine, but it's definitely worth a read for those who have.

So sorry to be all serious and whatnot, but I had to thank you guys. And now to lighten the mood, I'll share something else I appreciate. It was going to be part of my birthday post. Yes, that post was originally 72 pages long.

Things Greg's done that I think are amazing:
Greg's mother is something of an artist (but she never paints anymore). His sister is a good artist, too. Out of the blue, a couple of years ago, Greg decided to see if he could draw. He spent all his free time sketching for about 2 months, and hasn't picked up a pencil since (strange guy). As it turned out he can draw. He sketched this while the kids were playing with "goo" (cornstarch and water, no color or anything, that's how lazy I am) on Halloween two years ago. Evie was a fairy and David was Batman, I think.

And I like this, as well:

Quite a lot, actually.


JustRandi said...

I love your observations here! And I agree completely. Even though I can easily walk away from blogs I don't like, I SO appreciate the ones that are uplifting and real. (I mean, everyone has bad days, but I'm talking about the general tone.)

Greg is quite the artist, AND I love that photo.

Kristina P. said...

I appreciate you sharing that link and post.

If I lived in California, I would totally vote for Prop 8. I have no issue with marriage being between a man and a woman.

I do, however, have some struggles with the way the church has asked it's members to get involved with the entire thing, and I've been bothered by it.

Oh, and your Cordy sidebar statement made me laugh. I was upset at first, because I have an extremely emotionally fragile friend, who bought it hook, line, and sinker, and sent several very soul pouring emails to "Cordy."

She seems to be OK, but I was honest to goodness worried for her state of mind after seeing that.

McEwens said...

Greg is an amazing artist!

You are right about blogging. Easy to just not read a post, or walk away.

I guess i was lucky and never started to read that romance blog, cause a lot of people seem to be quite unhappy this morning!

Have a great night in Poland!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Beautiful sketch, beautiful little guy--those eyes! Wow!

Melanie J said...

I used to find it exasperating to be married to a man who's better at everything than I am, but I've learned to sit back and enjoy the ride because it's not like it's a competition. I love watching him make and do and only get occasionally jealous when he outshines me in the kitchen. Talented husbands are super fun to live with.

And I agree with you about the ability to walk away from blogs that don't make me feel better about life. Well said.

Me plus 3 Hecks said...

Who knew Greg drew? And why doesn't he anymore?! Maybe he should see one of MY sketches to know just how great that one is! :) Also, that picture is amazing. I must get into photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, I will NEVER walk away from your blog!!!

Having grown up in California, and still having family living there, this Prop 8 thing is tearing the church apart. In Oregon, everyone is playing ostrich, with their heads in the sand, pretending it won't affect us. I'm telling you, this is going to start a Domino affect that will shake the nation. This is Sodom and Gomorrah, Part II, people.

I have faith that the Lord is in control, and as long as I do right by my family, and teach them the correct principles, WE WILL BE OKAY. The earth isn't going to split open and swallow the state of California (not to my knowledge, anyway), and life will go on. A happy but challenging life.

Anne said...

I'm so glad you found that blog! This year's election is so crazy. I'll be glad when it's over!

*MARY* said...

That photo with the leaves is beautiful.
Sorry if my unpolitical posts were a little offensive, I'm just really dumb.

Kazzy said...

Yes, I agree about blog content. I read, regularly, blogs that are interesting and make me think. I am not interested in strong, strong, strong opinions or in politics. I enjoy getting to know what and how people think. I also am not just in it for the entertainment. I love to laugh and enjoy what I am reading, but I don't have enough time to just be an audience member. I also really like blogs from Poland!

Barbaloot said...

Wow-those are some intense eyes!
And I hadn't really thought about it till I read your post---but it's true. It's nice to go to blogs knowing I'm not going to be offended or anything. That I'll just be able to read a few good musings, stories etc.

Nance said...

I really love this last picture. Really!

Heather said...

Thanks for the link about the prop 8 issue. I would actually like to know what you were going to write about faith, because until I read that link, faith is the only thing that it boiled down to for me. I know someone who thinks that by supporting it the Church is being mean to gay people (that is way more simplistic than she would have put it) but that just couldn't be right, so it was good to read about all of the legal implications. It is still a test of faith, but knowing the legal side takes some of the emotion out of it.
I also loved what you said about the community of bloggers. I am relatively new to this (the commenting on other people's blog and reading them regularly aspect) and I have felt the same way, like some people have great writing talents, but then they push things too far. It has actually been liberating to me to delete someone's blog from my igoogle home page thing. (don't know what it is really called.)

Alison Wonderland said...

Can the election just be over. I realize that this is me ostriching but I don't live in Ca and I have enough to waste my small amount of emotional energy on. I'm getting really sick of prop 8 posts!

Sheri said...

Unfortunatly a lot of people just don't get it. Prop 8 is a moral issue... And like the previous comment, I feel the same way, s &g part 2. Anyway, beautiful picture of the baby :) I never have seen the ones Greg took of Jayli when we were there.. hin, hint.

nevadanista said...

Nice post! I've lurked here a few times on your blog, and I've always enjoyed your positive vibes. I have strong opinions about most things in life, but I've found it kind of off-putting to read blogs that cleverly insult readers who hold a different views on politics, religion, etc.. I deleted one of my own posts a couple days ago that was very negative, and didn't really flow with what I usually write. I fealt bad the minute I hit 'publish'.

I agree about why you like blogs. Well said!

That last photo on this post is gorgeous!

I guess I'm officially de-lurked now. Nice blog :)

Moody said...

I'm SO not political! I really don't like reading blogs that have a political twist to them. I know what's right for me, but don't need or particularly like to discuss or debate issues. I'll just go cast my vote thankyouverymuch. And your Greg is quite talented. Reminds me of my son..."gee I think I'll try such-and-such, oh look I happen to have another natural talent, who knew?" Yeah, he definitely didn't get that from me! LOL

Melinda said...

I love the picute of your little boy. The drawing is so cute too. What a talented man.