Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Constitution Day!

One of the many, many evidences that Poland is the second awesomest country in the world is the fact that it (the then Polish-Lithuanian alliance) was the second country in history to adopt a constitution. After the United States of America. See how clear this makes it? America first, Poland second! (Numerous other countries following behind.)

It was signed May 3rd, 1791. Two of it's co-authors called it, "the last will and testiment of the expiring Fatherland." That's 'cause from 1795 till 1918 Poland did not exist (on the map), as it was partitioned (or chopped ruthlessly in pieces) and ruled by various other countries. But never fear! Poland reappeared. Of course it did! Poles are just like that. They can't be broken. I love them.

The church also adopted this day as Mary, Queen of Poland Day. For every secular holiday, the church comes up with a church one to match, to get people to go to church at every available opportunity. I don't feel compelled to share my feelings about Mary, Queen of Poland Day. It will be interesting the day the Poles meet their "monarch" and find out what she thought about this holiday!


jonesfamily said...

Sorry, too political for me to comment.

Erin said...

I love that Poland has so many holidays. How many are there in May? I think the amount of holidays may even push Poland to the top of the list of best countries. But I guess they have to get knocked down a notch for their poor customer service and highway infrastructure. :)