Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Not Very Merry Story (but with a happy ending)

The flight to London, though delayed by an hour, was quite good, right up until the landing, at which point Spencer vomited all over both of us.  A lot.  This was the first time he has ever thrown up and, luckily for us, happened to coincide with the first flight for which I have ever forgotten to include a change of clothes for all travelers in my carry on (usually done in case of delayed baggage).  

We had the distinkt pleasure of running through one of the busiest (and hugest!) airports in the world looking like I had just drunk a Big Gulp and then peed my pants and smelling like I had just climbed out of a dumpster full of rotten everything, while racing to catch our connecting flight.  It was 2am California time and Spencer was in no mood to run alongside me so I had the other privilege of carrying him in one arm while dragging my carryon with the other, stopping every few minutes to switch arms, and then, after awhile, every 10 seconds or so because my arms were done and let me know by offering me approximately zero strength.

When we finally arrived at our gate I was sticky, sweaty, sleepy, smelly and physically exhausted--in its true sense, not just the "very tired" we often mean when we use the word-- only to find that the plane (departing at 12:15) had already departed (before 12:10), even though they knew to expect us.  The heavily made-up woman who gave me this news told me to head back to the ticket counter where I should make new flight plans, whereupon I said, "You're kidding.", dropped into the nearest seat and began to cry. So, after a minor breakdown (I've always loved me a good cry in public) we went all the way back to the customer service desk and waited in line to make new plans.  Our new flight would leave six hours later.  Six glorious hours of hanging out with a cranky, sleepy toddler in, again, one of the busiest airports, trying to keep as far as possible away from anything with a sense of smell. 

We did meet another family in the exact same situation (minus the throw up and the single parent and the sleepy toddler -- well, mostly they were on our previous flight and missed the connection to Warsaw, too) who helped us out and walked with us part of the way (and their five year old only mentioned our smell like twice).  Also, Spencer wasn't at all sick, it had just been a motion/air pressure thing.  Trust me, I counted every blessing I could.

In our last flight (2 1/2 hours) I requested seats situated as far as possible from other passengers, but learned that the flight was booked.  I prepared to apologize profusely for the odor to everyone who glanced in our general direction.  As it happened, nobody did.  And even the young lady sitting right next to us didn't say anything and I just hope she heard me when I hurriedly mentioned and apologized for it half under my breath early on in the flight.

But what joy to finally arrive in Warsaw!  Only one of our two checked bags didn't show up, and seeing Greg, Evie, David and Aaron was pure bliss.  

I can't imagine anything making me happier than I was to see them, but I have to say, putting on clean clothes was a really close second.

For the reconrd, this was the least offensive vomit I have ever smelled.  But it was still stomach contents and wasn't very fantastic.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I am so sorry. You had every right to cry.

Janine said...

Another exciting trip! You seem to have good luck on those atlantic crossings don't you? At least the vomit wasn't something terrible. One of my friends got shellacked by chocolate milk and scrambled eggs right before a flight. Ew. Good thing there were so many other wonderful moments!

Erin said...

Oh lisa. I remember when we came over with Mimi and she cried non stop for over an hour and I held her and rocked her at the back of the plane. Everyone clearly hated me and my arms have never been so tired. It is so ridiculous that they coudn't hold the flight five minutes. Actually that reminds me that the same thing happened to me once when I was travelling with Lizzy & Mimi by myself. I ran to the connection carrying Mimi and dragging Lizzy along only to find out it had just barely left. I complained about it to Southwest (why not hold it just 5 minutes when you have passengers on the way), detailing how hard it was on me and the kids and they gave me a $300 credit.

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh! This is way worse than when my almost two-year-old had a blowout in her diaper on the plane and I sent my husband to the exceedingly large airline lavatory (loads of sarcasm here) to change her. She was wearing a pullup, and he didn't know you could just rip the sides, so he smeared the contents down her legs. When my child returned, she was wearing overalls with no shirt (her onesie was in a barf bag) and looked like she was straight out of the Louisiana bayou. But at least I didn't have to WEAR her bodily function contents (I don't know a nicer way to say that).

Kazzy said...

Sorry for all the yuck, but happy about the yay at the end! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!