Monday, June 13, 2011

Froglets as a Compromise (continued from previous post)

So after we got back from the hospital we had a family council and decided that the rest of us would stay home and Greg would go alone to Katowice. As a "compromise" Greg said he'd take us for a half hour trip to the pond near his work before he left. So while he dug his things out from among all of our things and repacked them into a smaller suitcase I freaked the kids out with x-rays of my foot and then told them to pile in the car.

Spence waited patiently, asking me to please come and buckle him in.
Then we all got in and drove to the pond. When we got out of the car the ground was covered with what looked like flies hovering near the ground. A closer look revealed that they were tiny frogs that we had to walk very slowly to avoid crunching on. It was so neat watching the little wave of frogs hopping out of our path. Then we walked through the forest to the pond.
Evie went off on her own for a minute
but it didn't take long for Aaron to start worrying about her and go to find out if she was okay.
He was also watching out for Spencer and told him over and over, "No-no, Spence. You can't go in the water. It's too cold." (but actually there were a few swimmers just getting out when we got there)
Before heading back to the car we checked to make sure we all still had feet*. Fortunately we did. Mine are the ones with the toes exposed and the pinkie toe on the left is the one I stubbed. To you it probably looks fine (or disgusting if you're a foot hater), but to me it is ugly and deformed compared to the pinkie toe on the other foot, which I consider to be so darling in comparison.
Then we went back to the car
and played with the frogs for a minute.
Yes, that's a frog in her hand. See?

And in daddy's even bigger hand?
I seriously could not get over how cute they were. And there were tons of them. Maybe this is what everyone sees who goes near a pond the right few days every spring? Anyway, DARLING.

And then I was refreshed and ready for doing a weekend alone.
*How does one explain or justify a picture of feet?


Kazzy said...

We have little bitty frogs like that where I grew up. After a good rain they were all over. Still, when I go visit my parents, I hear the frogs sitting out around the pool.

How is your toe?

Melanie Jacobson said...

That is one seriously cute stinking frog.

Erin said...

Sorry about the painful toe situation. Is it feeling any better yet?

I have never seen a tiny frog like that. I would never have considered calling a frog cute - until now.

Laura said...

I remember seeing those little guys about this time of year when we hiked to the top of Zielona Gora near Wroclaw on a P-day! So cute!

Melissa said...

There were frogs like that in Japan! At first, it looked like there was a grasshopper invasion, but then we saw they were tiny frogs! They lived in the rice paddy next to my apartment, and when they got bigger, one even made it into my best friend's apartment on the 3rd floor! I used to love to listen to them at night. So fun!

Corine said...

...looks like so much fun! I want to go hiking with my family now! I love exploring nature with family and friends. :) Thanks for spreading the inspiration to enjoy nautre together!


Little frog!!