Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mind Dump

I'm getting excited for Conference. 2 1/2 hours to go! (the first session starts at 6pm here). Before that, though, I think it will help for me to empty my brain and thus I shall.
I'm in kind of a weird state. Between reading Mockingjay, watching Bourne Identity last night and thinking a lot about a facebook friend who just lost two of his fingers I just feel sort of in a war-ish haze. Remind me not to turn on CNN.

I would like to be like the facebook friend. A couple of days ago in his status update he said that by, way of update, he's been watching season 6 of Star Trek this week, made several observations about some of the characters and then at the end said "Oh, and I also crushed my hand and lost two of my fingers." I hoped it was an April Fools joke, but today he posted pictures. I commented that his hand is much cooler than everyone else's boring hands, that I was sorry and that I'm impressed with how upbeat he sounds. He replied that there's no use whining about it now. Then said, "...but for the record: I'd much rather have boring hands."

I think he's awesome.
Today I found a potato masher in one bathroom drawer and a remote control car in another.
Yesterday Aaron was running around the house, jumping into room after room declaring, "Mission COOOOM-PLETELY!!!"
Sometimes I feel wronged by my children and husband. In many ways they are good to me and make living with them worthwhile, but sometimes I just really, really want breakfast for dinner. I plan something delicious (pancakes with buttermilk syrup, french toast with strawberry freezer jam and whipped cream etc.) and every. single. one of them is disappointed when I announce what we're having or when they come sniffing into the kitchen.

It is one of the times I wish my nearest and dearest were a little more American. If I'd announced that we were having mushroom soup and pickled herring with sparkling water to drink they would have been delighted.
We had a wonderful dinner last night. Before we went into the kitchen to eat I told everyone, "You know how I like breakfast for dinner? (Evie already starts pulling a face) Well, today I decided we'd have dessert for dinner, just to be crazy. For April Fools' Day. I figured as long as we have a vegetable with it, we can call it dinner."
Sorry, this is the only picture anyone took
David almost cried after we made him taste the frosting and then told him he had to eat the whole cupcake. Of course it was a meatloaf cupcake with mashed potato frosting but I guess he doesn't love those kind of cupcakes. In all honesty it wasn't my favorite meal either... I could surely have gone for a REAL cupcake, though. Even if I had to eat all my peas. Next year I think I'll make a non-fake dessert for dinner on April 1st. Or maybe tomorrow night.
Oh good. I think there's a bit more room in my brain for important stuff now. Enjoy Conference, everyone!


Erin said...

Pretty soon I'll be finding potato mashers in bizarre drawers courtesy of my daughter. But for now, you'll find me trying to put the baby's mixed cereal box in the laundry room, or the regular cereal box in the fridge (we eat a lot of cereal around here.)

I hope you're enjoying conference!

Patty Ann said...

I also love breakfast for dinner. The kids think I am crazy, but hey, it is not like I can control that craving!! Strawberry waffles and whipped cream! Dessert in a breakfast!! Loved your post today, and my kids would not have liked meatloaf cupcakes either!!!

Erin said...

The cupcakes look so cute! I wanted to make those, but didn't plan ahead and get the ingredients. I don't think my kids would love them but they are really funny.

Mockingjay is too violent (the others were too but for some reason it didn't seem so bad). Kind of a disappointing conclusion.

just noticed that the word I have to type in is "cuprocks". Just thought that was funny

Barbaloot said...

I love breakfast for dinner! We actually doing it for dinner tomorrow and I can't wait:) I think my family would strangle me if I said something about pickled herring...

Hope you're enjoying conference!

Moody said...

I loved your clever cupcakes! I'm never that imaginative (or motivated) to do stuff like that, although I'm good at making suggestions to the kids on what good pranks they might pull.

MelancholySmile said...

Oh man, I feel wronged by my family so often when it comes to dinner! {So perhaps it wouldn't help if your family was more 'american'.} I hate spending a good hour cooking, only to have the kids ask if they can just eat cereal instead. Ugh.

Those cupcakes look awesome. I would have been a bit disappointed to find out they weren't sugary as well, but that's kind of the point of April Fools. :D

Lara said...

I've always wanted to try those cupcakes. Maybe next year.

And I just can't imagine my children getting excited about pickled herring...but they do enjoy breakfast for dinner! :) Feel free to come over anytime.

Kimberly said...

Or maybe tomorrow night . . . ha ha ha! You're so awesome.

I'm really craving cupcakes now.

And I LUUURVE breakfast for dinner! Neil . . . not so much . . .

charrette said...

I make that buttermilk syrup all the time...have a quart of buttermilk on hand at all times just in case we start craving...

And the meatloaf cupcakes are brilliant! Must try...

charrette said...

And don't get me started on Mockingjay. I think the publisher was just holding a gun to her head and forced her to finish as fast as she could. Major disappointment.

Read "Matched" instead (Ally Condie). Similar dystopian society, without the crazy violence.

Heidi said...

Hilarious! I do admire you so for dealing with all the unAmericaness of your situation. AND I think your book is going to the post office tomorrow. Sorry it took so long. :(

Melissa said...

I will eat your breakfast for dinner any time! Sounds delicious! And you are so creative with the mashed potato and meatloaf cupcakes!