Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Most Exciting List of ALL TIME!!!

Please read no further if you have any issues with your heart or if you are not securely seated or standed. Otherwise, the greatness of this post may possibly have the hypothetical potential to BLOW YOU AWAY.

You have been warned.

A bucket list. I'm making one. I'm not much of a bucket list maker, really. I mostly just want to be a better mother and raise amazing kids. I don't care where we go on the way or how many side skills I develop or anything like that. I have no ambition (I believe I have mentioned this lack-of-quality of mine).

So the bucket list I present to you today is things I ABSOLUTELY MUST do before...............
We leave to go to Warsaw tomorrow afternoon.

(if you are still reading despite a weak heart, I beg you to turn away now!)

  1. edit reports written this week and email to client
  2. pack four thousand of everything. A few of each item for each person in the family
  3. bake something to take to the mission president(s wife) since they've invited us to stay in the mission home (bake extra for friends we will hang out with while we're there)
  4. try not to even peek at facebook or Catching Fire
  5. wash all sheets and hang to dry while we're gone
  6. keep Spencer awake, despite the fact that it will be his bedtime so he will sleep for at least part of the 4-5 hour drive
  7. do not explode when Spencer refuses to stop hanging on me/whining while I'm rushing around because he is so tired he can't see straight*
  8. make sandwiches/pack snacks
  9. tidy house after everything (if time allows. HA!)
  10. get as frazzled as possible so the drive and the upcoming fun will be as well-earned as possible

There you have it! Did you survive? I won't ask if that was the best list of any sort you have ever read. I think we all know the answer to THAT one.

This list has been brought to you by Melanie, who, I know I have never mentioned on this blog, so sorry to throw her out at you so randomly. Go here to find out how you can post a bucket list on your blog and get serious entry points to win her book, The List, or other awesome stuff she's giving away.


Moody said...

Whew! I got a little dizzy there half-way through, but made it to the end ok. It was a close one though! LOL

Melissa Bastow said...

I didn't think I had a heart condition, but I'm getting all flustery with excitement so now I'm not really sure.....if I die after finishing this comment I'm leaving an addendum in my will stating you as sole recipient to my lego collection to show you my undying gratitude for helping me die during a moment of pure happiness.

Melanie Jacobson said...

I don't think I can take it . . .

Liz said...

My favorite is #3. Any time I hear Lisa and bake in the same sentence. My mouth starts to water. Not for baked Lisa of course.

Barbaloot said...

So did you get it all done? I'm especially curious about the last one:)

Kazzy said...

Going anywhere when you have little ones is so tough. I hope you got through your list.

Heidi said...

A sense of humor like yours will get you through just about anything. It's getting me through a rather long and broing afternoon as we speak.