Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today, and My Kids Can't Speak English.

We are Gregless this weekend. He is making his way to Warsaw on invitation to attend the District Conference there. On our trip last weekend when he left us in the hotel for the day he told the kids, "Be good and helpful today, guys. When I come back I want a wife with hair." Today he didn't say anything like that, I'm sure because he knows I have this day planned out. Cleaning, reading, story writing, M&M eating, homeworking, baking, movie watching; it's gonna be awesome.

After some cleaning we sat down to our chicken Caesar salad for lunch. Aaron pointed to the bag of Parmesan and said, "I don't like to eat this sugar. It's yucky." I have to say, I think it's the grosses sugar I've ever eaten, too.

While we ate, I asked our well-travelled children where on the road to Warsaw they thought daddy was. They calculated that he had been driving about two hours and David guessed he might be in Kraków about then. Or maybe Kielce. Evie guessed that he was probably somewhere between Kielce and Kraków. This, of course, is only funny if you know Poland or have a map in front of you. The kids only know that our two nearest branches are each about two hours away and they are Kielce and Krakow so Greg must be in one of those two cities, right? (or somewhere in between). Never mind where they are situated compared to Warsaw. Or each other.
Aaron is my first child who makes all the cute grammatical errors you expect of a two/three year old. He does not use past tense. Instead he uses did+present tense. Always. Very scriptural of him.

I have no idea why he does this. He comes to me excitedly declaring, "I did find my dinosaur!" I say, "Oh, great job! Where was it?" and he says, "It did be in the play room."

Last night David was explaining why he got an A+ on an assignment and he said, "So I was supposed to write a zadanie (story problem) and I did it really good, so my--". I cut him off with a "What?". Knowing what I meant he answered, "I did it really"

I really wish my boys did speak English more goodly.
(not really. I appreciate the laughs I get out of their mistakes.)
Now excuse me while I get back to our excellent Saturday.


Corine said...

This is awesome! :D I too, would stop my kids with "what?" when they were learning to speak properly! Sometimes their friends "English" (or lack of it) drives my ears crazy! But you, my dear, live in Poland... so I think your kids are doing FABULOUS! ;D

PS Thanks so much for visiting me at my blog! I have had such fun visiting yours this morning, and think after being here that I need to jaz mine up a bit with some interesting facts about me and my family! ;) Honestly... I read your "Why we live in Poland" and feel like I met your family. Great blog!

Kazzy said...

If you ever move back to the states, you may want to avoid Utah. We struggle here too. :)

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

When my brother and I were little my mom would always correct us when we said good in place of well. So we created our own word--gwell:) Janae

Barbaloot said...

I did read this post and I did like that you are aware it should be "I did it reall well" not "really good." Pretty sure kids that grow up in American aren't sure of this distinction.

MelancholySmile said...

I love the way children speak! E's new thing is to say, "I bet you never knewded that." :)

Any day that includes eating M&M's is an EXCELLENT day.