Saturday, February 28, 2009


Not like rocking a-bye baby or rocking out.  This is the other kind of rocking.  The kind you do. (well, you probably do those other kinds, too, but whatever).

I already know you guys rock, but when I write a post I have this thing called "I never think about what you might think about what I've written or about what kind of comments you might leave."  I think it's a rare illness, but I have it.  One great thing about it, though is that it means I am often pleasantly surprised by how much you guys rock.

Also, it sometimes means that I'm a little embarrassed about what I've written.  On my last post I was just going to write the first part, but the second part came to me while I wrote and I didn't think about it at all, except that the second proposition was as silly as the first.  But is that what you guys got out of it?  No!  At least some of you (a lot of you) thought either, "That Lisa sounds pretty desperate.  I'd better offer to send her a package." or "Oh!  Hey!  I could totally send her some of that candy!" 

So I wanted to say "thank you and you rock".  And I really didn't mean to ask for packages.  

And speaking of rocking, Heather (who rocks extraordinarily)  made a button which is meant to be given to moms.  I'd like to take this opportunity to give it to a mom I know, Charrette.  She is very wise and extremely warm and generous.  She is also a very talented writer and artist.  You can tell that she is very genuine and I know that she is influential to everyone who reads her blog.  

You can tell she loves her kids as most every time she mentions them she is talking about something fun or crazy.  

I think moms really do rock.  I also think it's sometimes hard to remember that.  Motherhood is just hard.  From the sleep deprivation that sucks nearly every last bit of patience from you (me), to managing tantrums, to dealing with the incessant bickering of middle aged children (well, not middle aged, I mean like 6- 12 year-olds) , being a mom is just HARD.  

Right now Charrette is on the next level:  dealing with a teenager.  From what I understand it's not easy being the parent of a teenager, and some cases are harder than others.  I think because the child really isn't a child anymore, and you love them so much, the choices they make can have a huge affect on us.  At this stage the tables are turned.  We don't have such a huge affect on the choices they make, but their choices can affect us greatly.  We watch the decisions they make, knowing that these very choices are the ones that make them who they are, and contribute to who they will become.  Watching this process must be very difficult and I'm sure it can bring with it some of the most heart-rending times of a person's life.

So I just want to give this: 

to Charrette and remind her that she will be blessed for her love, patience and endurance.   And that I really think she rocks.
And if you don't already read her, you should go over there and read her recent post "A Mother's Reach".  And everything else she's ever written.


McEwens said...

YOU rock!

Mrs4444 said...

I agree 100%, Lisa. Charrette is a very precious gem.

I'm so glad you commented today, because it led me here, and I know I haven't been here in a while. Your blog is beautiful, soothing to the eye. I went and bought the NieNie book from your sidebar. Now I'm off to read more :) (And P.S. I have always enjoyed seeing your cheerful AVI on other blogs you comment on.)

Erin said...

This is exactly what Heather wanted us to do with this button/award, isn't it?

You understand the true meaning of motherhood. (That sounds so existential, or cheese, or something.) I'll go check Charrette out now.

Heather of the EO said...

Yes! It is what I wanted.(Erin) I'm having trouble with the code these days so I haven't given one out in a while. Thank you for passing it on. Charrette REALLY does rock. She just simply amazes me.

You rock too, Lisa. Thank you again!

Kimberly said...

You totally deserve free candy. Only someone as rocking as you can pass the rockingness on so beautifully!

Annette Lyon said...

I love how Heather rocks so much she make a rocking button.

charrette said...

You are truly divine. You just made my whole day. And maybe my week. Thank you so much for this. Including the tears. And especially the smile.

And because Heather totally rocks too, I'm definitely putting that button in my sidebar. (If I can figure out the code....because I definitely DO NOT ROCK at things involving technology! :)

Love you --

Melanie J said...

Yeah, I agree. I think it's great that you gave this to Charrette. Hers is the most amazing blog I read. I'm excited to meet her. I keep telling her I'm coming over and I don't think she believes me, so won't she be surprised when I show up in April!

Kazzy said...

Charrette has been a good friend to me for 20 years. She is a definite rocker. Like a head-banger rocker. You are sweet to recognize her here. You are both terrific!