Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Life In 25 Things

Yes, I'm doing this one.  You're totally allowed to skip it, too.

1.  I lived in a trailer park until I was 11. 
2.  I had nightmares of dogs running into our backyard while I was playing there.  They never caught me or anything, but I just remember the terror of them running at me.
3.  I used to love mayonnaise sandwiches (bread, mayonnaise)
4.  I was surprised and thought my mom was so generous the day she told us to please stop asking every time we wanted a piece of bread and to just go ahead and get one whenever we wanted.
5  I had my first "boyfriend" when I was in 5th grade.  He was my paperboy and he brought me candybars when he delivered our paper.  We passed notes during recess and then one day I called him "Natey-poo" and after that we weren't an item anymore.  Oops.
6.  We moved to California when I was 11.
7.  I'd been feeling like an outsider in Utah before we moved, but I felt even more out of place in California.
8.  The one thing that helped me transition, besides my good friend and next door neighbor Sarah, was my jumproping.  I didn't exactly need to be with anyone if I was jumping during recess.  Also,  it sort of made people respect me.  (I'd been on a team in Utah)
9.  My last two years of high school were the best ever as I found a great crowd to be with.  We had a blast.
10.  I left home at 17 to start school (Ricks College) and only ever lived at home again for one summer (I think).
11.  I loved my years at Ricks like crazy and learned tons about early childhood education, but even more about life, the gospel and myself.
12.  Besides my first real boyfriend at Ricks (lasted 3 months and ended with the school year, and much like in number 5 I said something totally completely and unintentionally dumb in response to his confession of love and it marked the downfall of our relationship--and in case you're wondering, it wasn't anything sarcastic) I didn't really do much dating until I moved to BYU to live and work there after graduating from Ricks.
13.  I didn't really do all that much dating at BYU either, but I did TONS of hanging out (which I prefer anyway).
14.  I left Provo to escape the rollercoaster of my relationship with Greg (and to live near my sister, and because I really wanted to be a nanny).
15.  The father in the family that I nannied for called me Cinderella because I slept in the dungeon (basement) and did all the work and was still always happy (or so he said). 
16.  The girl I nannied was a perfect angel.  She was barely two and any time she started in on a tantrum out of frustration I taught her to say, "Help me, please!" instead, and she always did.  I often heard her dad talking about the amazing things she would say or how mature she was.  His wife would tell him, "I think Lisa taught her that."  My vanity made me a little glad of that.  (heaven forbid her dad just think that she was naturally so bright!)
17.  I was only back in Provo for a week before the wedding.  We had a rule that we could not be alone in an apartment (room yes, apartment, no) until we were married.  Fortunately we were both staying in apartments full of roommates, but it meant that often one of us would be standing out in a blizzard while the other ran into our apartment (that we started renting before we moved into it) to grab something.  I still think it was a smart idea.
18.  Shortly after we were married I took Accutane.  It broke my back and I couldn't keep up with dishwashing and other home and work (mother's helper) responsibilities.  My back problems are recurring, since then, and the medication only cleared up my skin for a year or two.
19.  I don't like meat very much and sort of want to be a vegetarian.  But I'm too lazy.  And I do like some meat.  And I'm not as good with vegetables as I'd probably need to be.
20.  I sort of fear being judgemental or self-righteous, but I think I'm a little of each, or at least come off that way.
21.  I've liked my hands for a while (since my best friend in high school used to say how nice they were, which is maybe weird, but whatever) and I think that's why my fingers are not straight anymore and I might be getting arthritis.  Same goes for my legs which I've always been happy with from the side view (not from the front or back) but now I can never wear shorts- or skirts without tights- ever again because of vericose veins.   I think this might be to check my vanity.  And I think this (number 21) might be a little too weird, but I'm not taking it off my list. 
22.  I really love my life.
23.  I think I could be a much better mother if I tried. Which is why I'm slowly cutting down on blog reading. 
24.  I really love the church leadership in Poland.
25.  I'm hoping I can respond to Erin's post sooooooon.

I realize this isn't the most upbeat of posts, but I think it's just kind of how I'm feeling right now. . .


Kazzy said...

Number 22 says it all, and you can tell this is true by your many uplifting posts. Thanks for a glimpse into your life.

McEwens said...

Wonder where the candy giving paper boy is now!!! All in all, I agree, loving your life really sums it all up!

Annette Lyon said...

My son love mayo sandwiches. I just don't get it.

JustRandi said...

I love learning more about you!
I used to eat molasses sandwiches constantly.
And I'm with you on the varicose vein thing. I guess no more mini skirts.

Barbaloot said...

Mayo sandwiches, eh? I used to do that, but added lettuce. Mostly cuz I was too lazy to get bacon and tomato for a BLT.

Josi said...

I loved mayo sandwiches as a kid too--and miracle whip sandwiches too. And veins--oy. I hate that.

What the Hecklinger?! said...

Mayonnaise sandwiches, huh? Interesting. And not too appetizing in my pregnant world. At 9 in the morning. But, I can appreciate it because I love pretty much all sandwiches and think they are an art form. So, way to express yourself! :)

Alison Wonderland said...

So you're afraid that others judge you as being judgemental?

Lara said...

I really liked how you kind of did this chronologically....much more interesting to read than a totally random one.

Accutane broke your back? Interesting.

I took it my sophomore year of college and I was an emotional WRECK that year. It was horrible what the Accutane did to me. But it did fix my skin problems for good, until I took a medication while pregnant with Chloe that made them all come back. But since that pregnancy I've been fine.

Kimberly said...

I am so with you on number 23 right now.

And upbeat up-schmeat. It's your genuineness that we love.

David, Jamie, and Carsyn Sibert said...

I am gonna have to disagree with number 24 except for your husband. I think he is the only one who has his head screwed on right.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that being upbeat on the blog when there's "stuff" going on is about impossible? I just went through this, and even things that were supposed to be funny had this grinchy-undercurrent I couldn't seem to help.

And I've cut back on my blog reading a ton too. I only visit the people on my sidebar for the most part, which means about three or four blogs a day. This is so much more do-able!

Oh, and this was a great list.

Thora said...

I've been working on cutting down on blog/Internet time. I find if I never get on, I don't like it, but if I spend too much time on, I like it even less. Like with most things in life (chocolate too, sadly) there is a fine balance.

Melissa said...

I loved your list of 25 things. I'm so glad you did one! And I am totally the same with number 20. This is why we are destined to be friends, even though you are an ocean (and half a continent--or actually, two half-continents, or a half and whole--oh, whatever) away.

Abra said...

I'll give up my mom - she used to eat monosodium glutamate sandwiches. that's right, Bread, Butter and some MSG sprinkled on... she's really super smart, so it must be healthier than they say...

Great post :)

Erin said...

#23 - I'm with you. I need to cut down. And I can't wait to read your response to my blog!

Karen said...

How did Accutane break your back?

Annie Valentine said...

I gotta admit, that was kind of awesome. In 25 statements I learned almost everything there is to know about you. Well done, my friend.

How long are you going to live in Poland? If I move to Germany in the next two years, can we do lunch?

Melanie J said...

Mayo sandwiches? Ew. Accutane broke your back? What? And I liked your 25 things. You're fun.

Heather of the EO said...

I thought this was really interesting. I have the exact feelings about being a vegetarian. Meat kind of grosses me out, but I'm just too lazy to totally let go of it and find alternatives. Just sayin'

That Girl in Brazil said...

Yup. Like you even more.

Didn't think it was possible, beb.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You are such a fascinating person! And I mean that in the best way. I just love people like you who are interesting and not vanilla-flavored. And I love that you are so honest and darn funny. I love reading all the 25 items you included so I'm glad you did this post.

Nance said...

I've sort of cut down on my blog reading without meaning to (but definitely needing to). Your list was fun. I enjoyed the chronology of it as well.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I loved reading this! And you don't come off as self-righteous or judgemental at all (at least not in blogdania). I just love the way you say stuff.

Mrs4444 said...

I loved it. Your loving, down-to-earth spirit shines through.