Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Blog Friend Visits!

This weekend is the first time one of my blog friends is visiting. How exciting! He brought me malt powder and chili powder and mint extract. He brought books and DVD's for all of us and a t-shirt for Greg.

When he saw our "library" and my desk and laptop he asked, "Is that were it happens?" More than once in conversation he mentioned something I'd written about in a post. He even confessed that ever since he read about our most excellent washing machine he's been searching for any means to get to Poland so he could try it out!

Well, really he just says those things because he's funny and nice. I loved when he first got here last night and he said something about seeing a blog friend in real life. The truth is, he knew Greg (briefly) before I had ever met him (Greg). He was a missionary in Poland when Greg was a new member. Then, he and his lovely wife and their first little newborn moved to Poland for a year soon after we moved here. We stayed in their home sometimes on weekends because they lived in Krakow where we went to church. His wife helped me through my pregnancy and taught Ewelina in nursery.

So we did actually know each other before. And the food was actually from his wife (who will hopefully be able to come with him on one of his trips soon!). Still, last year when he came for a visit we were trying to catch up on each other for much of the time we spent together. Then, later on, we both started blogging and now I feel completely caught up on his family and it's wonderful to meet when we know just what's going on in each other's lives.

And one other thing I might want to mention, briefly. He was invited to give a talk at a university in Budapest on Thanksgiving day. Then he gave one at a university in Vienna; and finally he has come to Poland and given one at the Jagiellonian university in Krakow, all while he gets in as much research as he can. So I suppose there may have been a tiny bit of motivation besides our washing machine, but I think it really was a, "Oh! While I'm in Europe to see The Washing Machine, maybe I can get some scholarly stuff done, too." kind of thing. Smart people do that, the whole roasting-two-hot-dogs-on-one-stick thing. And he's smart.


Heather of the EO said...

What fun! I'm pretty sure seeing you guys what top priority! It would be for me if I came to Poland :)

I had a visit from a sweet blog friend who fought traffic and snow to bring us dinner last night. Isn't that the nicest thing?

Anyway, blog friends are fun. Happy weekend!

Annette Lyon said...

Sounds like a great visit. (Smart man to come check out the washing machine.)

McEwens said...

Fun on so many levels! Were you able to go hear him speak?

Alison Wonderland said...

Yay for people who come and bring you food that you can't get! And for old friends.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Of course he's smart--and I would love to come up with a smart twist on that but I'm just not feeling smart enough this morning.

Heidi Ashworth said...

If I come to Poland to visit you, would I then be smart?

Kazzy said...

Don't you love playing hostess when you are far away from people you love? I love to have people stay over, and to fix up a room for them, and to cook food for everyone, etc. It is tiring, but such a treat when people are far away.

I want to come see your washing machine!

Erin said...

He seriously does like that washing machine. I wish I could see it. Oh and you too. :) I was at my nearest grocery today and they did have those Reese's chips and they were on sale. So I bought some in honor of you. Sorry they didn't have them when I looked before!

I am so grateful for blogs. I feel like we talk more than when I actually lived in Poland!

Nathan said...

Hello everyone, Nathan here. The Indesit washer was totally worth the the trip.

Oh, and it was good to see the Pawliks, too.

Even if you're prefectly satisfied with your washing machine, you really should visit. Lisa is just as smart and funny in person as on her blog. And Poland really is a lovely place. Thanks, Greg, Lisa, Evie, David, and Aaron for a great weekend. I loved spending time with you, both in your home and in Sandomierz, one of the prettiest towns I've ever seen. Na razie!

nevadanista said...

Blogging is kind of funny! I've commented here a few times and enjoy your blog, but I don't know you. Yesterday I thought of you though, while shopping at Costco where I saw a fancy glass Santa ornament. It was in a nice box that said 'genuine European' on it, and inside the Santa had a ribbon that said 'made in Poland' :)

How fun to have such a vistor!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Blogging creates friendship where there was none before and strengthens friendships interrupted by distance. Isn't that great? You are so lucky to have a visitor you know from blogland. If you're ever in Northern California look me up, and I'll do the same if I ever find myself in Poland!

Kimberly said...

Sounds so fabulous! I am seriously hankering for some good bloggy buddy visiting right now.

Poland is a little out of range though. =(

JustRandi said...

I don't know how you survive without mint extract. Seriously!


Nancy/Nance said...

I'm glad Erin sent and Nathan brought some of the American stuff you are missing.

I just talked to a friend of mine who actually knew Natan in Poland when he was living there for that year doing research and she was a missionary. I asked if she knew you guys and your husband was her MTC teacher. She thought he was cool because he joined the church, served a non Poland mission, married an American and moved back to Poland to strengthen the church there. Her name was Tiffan Kammerman... she's one of my best friends and a lot of fun. Thought that was fun that I have two real life connections to you now.

Oh, and I'm posting this strangely because my computer still has a virus and I'm not logging into anything.

Anne said...

Sorry, Lisa, Haven't been blogging. Nathaniel's comment SO really makes me want to visit. I've got to! Let me knowif you happen to hear of any cheap flights!

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