Monday, November 24, 2008

Missing Everything

How in the world did you guys write NINETY-ONE posts in the three and a half days I was away from the computer? Sheesh. I'm a little worried I'm going to have to do some serious skimming and possibly even some skipping. I hate doing those things.

So on Thursday I quickly typed up an extra post or two since we were leaving to visit Greg's parents on Friday morning and wouldn't be back until Monday night and would have no Internet access. Then on Friday morning I typed up another one or two when we totally NEEDED to be out the door. That's why I'm going to clarify a few things.

I didn't mean to use the term "launch" to mean giving birth and didn't even think about it until after I had published it (scheduled). Also, that I love the concept of being a sheep because of the implications of humility and dependence and the recognition of the Shepherd's voice and the desire to follow Him out of trust in His care and love. Critics use it in terms of "blind obedience" or "blind faith" and that's what I was referring to. I'm sure you probably understood that. And I'm glad some of you liked yesterday's post, because I didn't and really wanted to swap it for something else but ran out of time!

Man I have a lot to catch up on. Apparently I have a title to defend over at Jen's Jingle and an award to pick up at The Extraordinary Ordinary. Plus unpacking to do, cookies to bake (I just went almost FOUR DAYS without any baked goods) and dinner to make. (Yes, cookies come before dinner, at least in order of importance.)

And I will try to skim all your posts, at least, but if you have a post that you published anytime Friday-Monday that you'd like me to read, please tell me. That maybe sounds dumb, but what if you think you wrote a really great post and I just skim through it and don't recognize it's awesomeness, all because you never told me? See?
I'll be answering some more of your questions later this week.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Four days without baked goods?!?! That should be illegal, esp since I am currently making my grocery list for baked goods for Thanksgiving. BTW, what do you do about Thanksgiving there? All my posts are wonderful, natch, but the big news is *Mary*. You have to be sure to read her blog posts from this weekend. Just sad.

Melanie J said...

Uh....I gave you a shout out yesterday.

Annette Lyon said...

Baked good always trump dinner. Isn't that a given?

Jillybean said...

Yum, cookies!

Why can't you just have the cookies for dinner? It sounds like you've had a serious baked goods deficiency so I'm sure it would be OK.

Mary's news is very sad indeed.

Today I posted another song by Max. It's worth a listen.

I showed him that video of your niece singing. Now every time I start to watch a video on the computer he says "Is this also the sugar is bad for your body song?"

Erin said...

I've got family coming into town tomorrow night, and they are staying until Sunday. How many hours per day do you think I can ignore them to blog?

Probably not too many. So I think we all completely understand that you probably won't be able to comment on 92 blog posts, because many of us will probably be in the same boat this next week.

Cookies rock!

Becky said...

Mmm. What kind of cookies? Cuz I've got some ginger cookies if you want to swap some...

Kazzy said...

I posted more in the few days you were gone than I usually do (which is about twice a week)! But no need to stop by if you are busy reading others' posts... sniff sniff Hope you had a great visit. I am looking forward to a few days off here. Take care and happy baking!

Heather of the EO said...

Isn't it crazy how fast the posts add up! Welcome home :)

JustRandi said...

Obviously cookies come before dinner. Hello!?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you most certainly DO have a title to defend! I'm such a nerd-- I was so excited to see her limerick contest and it had been a few days since I had checked my reader, so I thought I was totally late or something, when lo and behold I was first. Yeah, I'm a nerd. I want my title back! I have to have some sort of claim to fame!

Alison Wonderland said...

I haven't been over to the Jingle yet today but I'm getting the gist and I just have to say Game On!!

Moody said...

I'm so impressed by your diligence to blog every day despite being gone! Wow! And cookies definitely come before dinner in order of importance.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Sometimes that Reader inbox CAN look pretty overwhelming. You can mostly skip mine from this weekend unless you're really interested in my senior year portraits or my newly-diagnosed disease. Other than that, my last remotely profound post was last Thursday's. If you do decide to check it out, here's the link (but it IS a little lengthy, sorry):

Emily said...

I know how you feel. I have a ton of blogs I read. I really enjoy reading them, but I'm not able to keep up. And then I feel like a jerk.

Anne said...

Great idea to have people tell you what they don't want you to miss! I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with your daily posts! I can't handle this much of you! :)

I don't know how you real bloggers do it!

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