Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Love Eviething About Her

That's not strictly true. There are a number of things she does that I'm not crazy about, but rather crazy because of. But today is my little Evie's birthday, so for today, the title feels right. (and for my readers who don't know us, we pronounce "Evie" with a short e, like in Evan (or Ewelina, for that matter), just so you know and you can read it correctly from here on out)

One of the very best, most heart-bursting moments of my life was immediately after Ewelina was born. She had been extremely stressed during the labor and there were loads of doctors around to check her out. She'd been out and breathing oxygen, screaming her tiny lungs out for about 30 seconds before Greg went to the table on which she was being examined and began talking to her in a low voice, amidst all the doctors' poking, reaching, stretching, talking and relaying information. The moment she heard him speak her name she fell silent. She just stopped crying to listen to him. And she kept listening with all the craziness that was going on around her. She recognized her daddy before she'd ever seen him, and he had the power to soothe her then, and still does today.

Today she's nine. Nine seems like a good number of things to tell you that I love about my girl.

1. She sometimes tries really hard to change her mood/attitude when she knows she's heading into a bad one. You can watch her fight against her feelings, pretending to be positive until she actually feels that way and it becomes natural again. It's really inspiring.

2. She came and laid by me on the bed in the hotel last weekend while David and Aaron were playing in the bathroom and said, "Let's talk, mom." When I asked what about she said, "Girl stuff." I loved that.

3. She's amazing at encouraging others. When she was in first grade I once had to take something to her class during school that she'd forgotten to take. When I opened the door I saw all the kids working on some art project. A boy from a few seats away was trying to get Evie's attention. I thought he was going to tell her that I was there. He wasn't. He showed her his art work and Evie smiled and said, "Wow, that looks really great!" or something and the boy sat back down in his chair with a smile on his face. There were at least three kids between them, but he wanted to show her because he knew she would give him positive feedback, and actually care to see his project.

4. She's always had a wonderful laugh. Always. It's one of my favorite sounds. She is wonderful about laughing at all of our jokes. She went through a phase of hating being the least funny one in the family. I explained to her that her gift was to make people feel great by laughing at their jokes and that that was at least as important as actually making the jokes. But really, she's getting funnier by the minute, too.

5. I totally trust her fashion sense. This probably says more about me than about her, but I love to take her along when I'm getting something for myself and ask her advice. She's a wonderful critic.

6. She loves to sing.

7. She's wonderful with her baby brother. She will watch him when I'm busy or tired and she does a great job. David has also always looked up to her, and they've been best friends for years.

8. She is a loyal friend. She stands up for her friends when others (sometimes her parents, unfortunately) question their motives/judgement.

9. She still gives great hugs. We recently realized that we hug far too infrequently and since then she comes up to me and reminds me. And she's still soft and great for hugging.

Happy Birthday to my dear girl! Here's to many more of the same (birthdays, not dear girls). You have been such a blessing in our lives!


Ewelina said...

Thanks Mom! But do I realy criticize you so much!?! Give me a brake! And
its "me" not "my".And were are my presents!!! I SOOOO hope you have some sort of something!
On the other side, thanks!

LisAway said...

Yes, thanks Ev for your editing. I'll go back and change that. And presents? This post IS your present you greedy little lady!!

Oh, and it's "break" not "brake." And it's "where" not "were." See! We all make mistakes! But for me all my mistakes are in the form of typos on my blog. I'm perfect in all other ways. Don't forget that.

Melissa said...

What a sweet post! And you forgot to mention that she is a real beauty. Love the pictures, especially the last one!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday Ewelina,

Keep up the great work with your mom. It takes moms a long time to learn and we really need your help. You sound like a fun daughter. And I can tell your mom adores you. Happy day.
Sister Kinghorn in Ukraine

Thora said...

It's my birthday too! October fourth is the best birthday - so happy birthday, Evie!

Also, I liked the things you said about her, because they weren't just generic items, but real, actual aspects you had noticed and liked about Evie.

Heather of the EO said...

I opened up the comments and had a little chuckle at the first two!

Such a sweet post, mom!

Happy Birthday Evie!

Katherine Bouldin said...

Happy Birthday to Ewelina! I remember when she turned 3 and 4 when I lived in Krakow ... that was a long time ago! My favorite picture is the last one of Evie & David in the blue shirts ... they are sharing something truly special. Nice job capturing a photo of that moment, Lisa. Keep up the great blogging!

-oLiViA said...

When Evie came to America, you could easily see those traits. I Love you guys!!! I think Evie is more mature than I am, it woudn't be big news to me since my sisters TEETH are more mature than mine are. Happy Birthday Evie! (P.S. I f you want a present tell me and I'll send one to you. ;)

KC said...

What a great post, and what a sweet young lady!

Kazzy said...

Happy birthday, Evie. Lisa, you got me choked up there. I have been pondering a possible blog next week devoted to my oldest who is currently on his mission and will turn twenty on Oct 13. Very sweet post and great relationship between the two of you. Thank you so much!

McEwens said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a sweet post, but I am cracking up over here with her editing your blog!!!! What a great kid you have!

Moody said...

Nice tribute. Happy Birthday Evie!

Now we both have 9 year olds!

I had a great aunt named Eva. But not pronounced Eve-uh, pronounced Ev-uh like your daughter, so that's who I thought about when I read her name (although I've been pronouncing right the whole time).

Erin said...

What incredibly sweet pictures. I love how they capture those wonderful traits of hers.

Becky said...

Happy birthday, Evie! You're beautiful. I want my little girl to grow up with the all those traits that your mom listed.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Evie! Time has gone by so quickly, I swear she was a little toddler (Ace's age) when we were there in Poland. She is a beautiful young lady!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Lisa, your daughter is beautiful! And from her comment quite spunky, too! Made me laugh :-) You are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter in your life. It's probably no longer her birthday there in Poland when you get this comment, so Happy Belated, Evie. I love how your name is pronounced and I hope you got those presents!!!

Emiline said...

Happy Birthday Evie!

I love that picture of the kids together.

Susan said...

I love Evie so much too! I just found a note that she had written to Tyra to help her cheer up, it was just what you said about her trying to stay positive and her trying to encourage all around her. Evie's awesome! And this is the day Oct. 5 that she and Tyra are both 9. We'll try to call either before or after the first conference session.
As for the presents, kind of funny since I know that it's not actually her personality to fuss about it, but she's enjoying teasing you about it, especially on-line :)

Melanie J said...

Evie sounds like a neat kid. My son just turned nine this week, too. Maybe they can get married in maybe....thirteen years? Fourteen? He's cute. I promise.

Natasha @ Becoming Something said...

Ha ha. I, too, thought it was funny that she corrected your spelling and then made those mistakes. Cute.

"Evie" is my daughter's best friend's name but it's pronounced the other way. Great blog title. Love it.

I don't understand this post because it seems like Ewelina and Evie are the same person. ?? She's totally cute and the last photo is so precious!!

Alison Wonderland said...

So sweet. And she is a beauty.

I'm totally going to her blog.

Shauna said...

What cute pictures! Thanks for sharing :)