Friday, July 11, 2008

Mom Tag

I've seen this before, so when Andrea tagged me on it, I thought I would do it, even though it really needs a 3 or 4 year old to make it great. A sassy 6 year old works too, I guess. David's answers are first, then I did Evie, too.

What is something mom always says to you? "David, bring Aaron's blanky, and his pacifier" "Clean up"

What makes mom happy? When we are peeling the potatoes. You said that it was a blessing. "cards from me"

What makes mom sad? (after 5 minutes of thinking) When I play too much games on the computer. "When I fight with David"

How does mom make you laugh? When you tickle me, and tickle and tickle, so giggly. "by saying something funny on accident"

What was mom like as a child? "She was cute and sweet and nice. "silly, I guess"

How old is mom? 82? "31"

How tall is mom? 22 cm (after poking me and counting from my feet to my head) 'metr osiemdziesiat siesc. That might be really tall, I dont' know."

What is mom's favorite thing to do? She likes to play with Aaron outside, kind of. And checking emails. "bake and read"

What does mom do when you're not around? She plays with Aaron. "watches TV"

If mom becomes famous, what will it be for? That you exercise every day and you change Aaron's diaper. "for fun"

What is mom really good at? She's very good at checking emails. "making dinner"

What is mom not very good at?  I don't know."Polish. Speaking Polish"

What is mom's job? Teaching me at home. For now. "she doesn't work, oh, oh, oh, taking care of the kids"

What is mom's favorite food? Everything? Sweet and sour chicken? "not pizza...enchiladas?"

What makes you proud of mom? That you teach me how to jumprope, kind of. "she doesn't get frustrated very often"

If mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? She would be Cinderella ([I asked him why]because you have like a sweet little voice and you have a nice dress)"Velma--you look lik her, but you're different"

What do you and mom do together? Play games. "play games, learn and jumprope."

How are you and mom the same? We're both funny (giggle, giggle) "we both have glasses. We're the only girls in thefamily"

How are you and mom different? I'm smaller and she's bigger. She's a girl, I'm a boy. And she wears earrings. "you have pierced ears and I don't. And you're big and I'm small."

How do you know mom loves you? Because she plays games with me and she tickles me. "she loves playing with me and And she's just my mom."

This is really meant to be for one kid, but I wanted to include Evie's answers to have a bit of seriousness. She and David TOTALLY tag Brian B., Isaac J., Lily D. (or her little sister), Ethan W., Ella (KC's niece) and Zeeb (or Calvin) K.--only if their mothers want to help them out, of course, but we would LOVE to see what they think of their mommies!

**David actually thought I was 82. I asked him to be serious (he was joking for many of his answers) and he said "83?"
**Yesterday the kids peeled potatoes for the first time, and were excited about it. I was very glad because I
abhor peeling potatoes, though I love eating them, and I now have my own potato peelers. While we were eating I told Greg that the kids had peeled the potatoes for me. David jumped in with "mom said it was a blessing". I took some convincing, but I guess I DID say that. Good reminder that kids will always remember more of what you say than you do.
**I have neither a sweet little voice nor a nice dress, but I am like Cinderella in some ways--I do slave away all day, and I did win me a handsome prince!


KC said...

You look like Velma? Does she mean Velma from Scooby Doo, because I don't think you look like her at all!

Very funny answers. I think I'm going to try to get my niece to do this for her mom.

Susan said...

I love those kids! You are a great mom and I wish I could be around you for more rubbing off on me and my kids!!

Lisa said...

KC- That's the very Velma she's talking about. I could go for looking like Daphne but being "different". I take Evie's comment to mean I look as dorky as Velma, but I'm not as smart as she is.
And if you SIL's (I assume?) blog is not private, I would love to read it if she does this tag. Tell her that we tagged her (I'll write it in)

Su-I know, but we can't all be super email checkers, you know! Everyone has their talents. :)

Erin said...

That was totally hilarious. I can't believe that Evie came up with Velma. Sadly, I think that would be more apt to me.

Carlynn said...

Well hi there old lady! (Are you really 82 already?) lol.

Those answers show what a great Mom you are! I shudder to think of what my kids would say. lol.

I found you through Annes blog. Hope you don't mind me keeping tabs on ya. :o)

Erin said...

I REALLY like your new layout. The colors are so nice. I would like something with wider margins like what you have now, but I am to lazy to redo stuff. Looks great Lisa!

Andrea & da boyz said...

I laughed out loud several times--my favorite was your age though. I'm feelin' my age too, sister. :)

I have checked a few friends' answers to this tag and it seems like all the kids love having their mom's make them laugh by tickling. Pretty great really. Especially when you consider that Parents magazine said that you should "never tickle a child because it is actually painful."

WOW. Good thing I am a rebel and don't listen to ALL the advice I get. :)

Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

This is too funny! I haven't done mine yet b/c my crazy 3 year old just kept repeating every question! Grrr.

gramalee said...

Ah potatoes! I made little piles of about 6 potatoes each and I think I had only two peelers but you all had your own pile to peel and then I would chop/slice them and cook them into potato soup. Remember? Yes it was a blessing...:) xo