Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Accessories

I came across a blog recently that had this type speed test in the sidebar. I took the test a few times and thought it was rather comical. I know that I type around 40wpm when I'm on a roll, but this test flattered me that I typed 59! That's more like what my mother types. It was fun, though, so I posted it in my own sidebar for people who a) like typing and fun or b) are competitive and want to try and beat my score.

Today I tried to beat my own score and made it to 67. As I was posting that in my sidebar, I realized again that I don't really dig the bright green of the number it displays, as it doesn't jive with the color scheme of my blog. Greg's been giving me little lessons in HTML (and I had already removed the "speed test" subtext because, as we all know, I can't stand having unnecessary words anywhere, like for example in parenthesis in the middle of a paragraph with so much writing in it that you can't for the life of you remember what I was talking about before the parenthesis began--I would never do that, so in keeping with my vocabularically conservatory nature, I removed that "speed test") and I saw that I could change the color, and I happened to have the color code for a lovely plum shade* that I like sitting right next to the computer, so I changed the color. (let me catch my breath...hoo...hoo...hoo... okay)

Then I noticed the number 67 sitting there. There it sat. And I started to wonder. And I decided that, really, I think I type more like 144 wpm. And I changed it. And hit save. And suddenly I was the fastest typer I knew--until I remembered that, besides just my non-extravagance in word usage, I am also extremely honest. So I changed it back.

But I love tests like that. Like on facebook where I proudly display the "fact" that my IQ is 120. According to the facebook IQ test. Why didn't we have tests like these in high school? These are the kinds of tests--and especially results-- I can deal with. And probably the type that will get me far in life. Definitely farther than "apples are to plums as helicopters are to __?" That's not even helping me out when I go shopping.

On the same blog I found a site where you just enter your blog's URL and it tells you what reading level your blog is. They've got some FAST reading kids helping them out over there. It took about 3 seconds for them to read my entire blog. This one right here with hardly any words on it. I'm not displaying the results of that one in my sidebar because I don't want you all to feel ashamed about reading a blog with a junior high school reading level, since none of you are in junior high. And I don't want you all going off to find some more clever blog to read, either (like one with a "graduated-from-University-years-ago reading level"). So let's not dwell on the results of that one.

So I just wanted to establish these facts: I love sidebars; I plan, somehow, eventually to make mine all exciting; and I never write (or speak, for that matter) more than is absolutely necessary. Now we know.

*I just changed it again to periwinkle. I LOVE periwinkle.


Erin said...

I am impressed with your HTML skills. But I am even more impressed that you changed your typing level back to the original score. I totally would have kept it and let everyone think how super amazing I was. Maybe you can up the IQ score next!

KC said...

I saw the typing test thing on your blog and of course I HAD to try it too. I was quite surprised when I discovered I typed 80 wpm and so I put it on my blog, but typing is apparently my only computer skill because I couldn't figure out how to get it to fit in my sidebar. So now I've taken it down to avoid looking silly. Sigh. As if I could ever avoid looking silly.

Susan said...

Wordy, verbose, bombastic, etc., and et.al, you definitely are NOT! I wouldn't THINK of calling you a goer-on. And none of your sentences ever run on. What a joy your succinct, brief, and exact use of the English language is to read (or listen to for that manner!) Indeed, you are probably at least as good as Mormon and Joseph Smith in bringing stories to pass all in approximately 17 extra words per paragraph, if not sentence!

My FAVORITE way of saying this is in the Time article on Stephanie Meyer "Meyer floods the page like a severed artery. She never uses a sentence when she can use a whole paragraph."

As for typing, I can't wait to take the test! Except that I AM going to wait, since I have to take the kids swimming before dinner.

Erin said...

the periwinkle is lovely

jonesfamily said...

LOVE your new page! The new cutest blog site has a way to accesorize your blog. I might try it some day. What site did you use? Cute with the kids names up there. I miss reading your blog! I promise I'll catch up!

Lisa said...

Erin- It's true, my honesty is both astonishing and admirable, I know. But while I maybe could have fooled people that I type 144 wpm, since they've never seen me type, anyone who knows me would never fall for my heightened IQ score if I did THAT.

KC- I couldn't get mine to change dimensions for me either. Oh well. And yes, yes; silly is the MAIN thing you always look.

Su- I would never call myself bombastic, as I would have to have a vocabulary to make such a claim, but verbose, yes, although wordy is probably my favorite definition, as it doesn't require me to reach WAY back into my brain to remember its definition, like I did with the other two. And THAT's funny! I think that's my LEAST favorite way of putting it (NASTY!--or should I say BALDWAH!)

Anne- Thanks, I'll take a look and the CB site! This blog needs some personality! And I found this template at eBlog templates, but it took some serious tweaking by my significant other to get it this way. Hey, could you give me the names of the sites you know of that have free templates that keep your sidebar in tact (I already know about Cutest Blog on the Block)?