Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is me with a few of my siblings catching that night's dinner with these sticks that may or may not have had any sort of string attached, and almost certainly didn't have any sort of hook or bait on the end. I'm the dorkiest looking one.

Now my own family lives close to a river, too. This is how you get to it. (I'm so glad everything is less brownish now than it was in the old days.)

This is how the kids look once you're there.
Here I am AGAIN, just like in the first photo: by a river, with three cute children, still the dorkiest of the bunch. (Time hasn't changed ME much!)And it's not fair about Evie's glasses. I think they're darling in real life, but in every picture she looks like the poor kid in the nerd glasses. But what can you do?


jonesfamily said...

I would LOVE to have a river nearby! I HATE living in this concrete jungle! Evie's glasses are always cute. And Seth refused to agree that it was aunt Lisa in those pics, "No! It's mama!"

Erin said...

I love the glasses! Your family is beautiful (both families!). How amazing to be so close to the river and woods.

gramalee said...

Brown = Utah. Green = Poland. That is how it is. Although if you look up Canyon Glen Provo on google you will find photos that reveal that Canyon Glen has been way (too) updated with fancy stretches of grass and the river is carefully fenced off so that, though children can get to it, it is difficult to do without an adult. Times change. I like both brown and green. xo

Susan said...

I'd pretty much have to say that everyone's looking pretty hilarious in that old family photo. As for the Pawliks, I wonder if they'll manage to look funny in 25 years, cuz right now they're just cute!!