Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last Week in Review: Ewelina

Remember this girl? This is her last Tuesday.

Here she is last Friday, the last day of school with her best friends, Patrycia and Ania and then in her classroom with Aaron. Notice anything different?

*Side note: This was the end of her last year with her current teacher. In Poland a class has the same teacher for grades 1-3, then switches to a new one for grades 4-6, but the same kids stay together for the entire 6 years (!). Also, her class next year will be in a separate building from the one she's been in, so this really was like a mini graduation for her, which has absolutely nothing to do with the length of her hair.


Katherine Bouldin said...

She looks fabulous with hair either long or short! You have a really cute daughter, you know. How fun that she gets to stay with her best friends from year to year at school. Although, it could be a problem if there is an annoying classmate (usually a boy!) in the class, too. Hope you are having a nice summer ...

Erin said...

She looks very chic with her short hair. I wish I could get mine to look like that!

gramalee said...

So what did you do with the hair?

What a beautiful young lady and fabulous sister and granddaughter!