Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lazy, Lazy Man

One of the many, many things I love about English is that instead of using an adverb such as very, super, extremely etc. you can just use your adjective twice in a row. That's one of the wonderful, wonderful things about my native tongue.

This post is to explain the new video that's appearing in my sidebar. Some of you may know that Blogger is not completely user friendly. One of the ways that I know this is because it was a major ordeal for me to sort the you tube videos to only display those that Greg has made. The only way that I could do it was to sort by his user name. Therefore, anything that he uploads onto you tube shall surely appear on my blog. I'm glad, though. Now it's given me something to post about today (not that I don't have half a dozen other boring posts started that I could finish and post)! And I'm sure you're all wondering why I never mention my husband in any of my posts. It's fairly clear I don't think much of the guy, so now I'll explain why.

Greg is the "Financial Manager" of the Kirkham Motorsports factory in Mielec, Poland. You see the quotation marks because that's his official title, but he's really more of a General Manager (looks better in caps ), but they prefer not to have any employees with that title. He is the main go-between for the owners in Utah and the factory here. He has helped to implement the Toyota system (not making the cars into Toyotas, but just using the lean philosophy).

He is renting a kiosk (like a newsstand that also sells cleaning/hygiene products and candy) to get some experience being in charge of his own small business--although it is part of a chain. He stocks it himself and does everything except sit behind the counter and sell.

He is working his fingers off trying to get this English school started. He has been making a web page for it and planning lessons and how to divide the courses etc. We just need to get advertising and we should be ready to start here very soon.

His church responsibilities require him to attend meetings (oh, the meetings) in three different branches 2, 3, and 5 hours away from home once a month each. He has all sorts of interesting problems to solve and trainings to give and meetings to attend. Oh, and he also attends many meetings.

He has three child sized children and one grown-up one at home that look to him for love and support and discipline. And jokes. Especially good jokes. We can do without the support and discipline, as long as there are jokes. OH and there are. And we STILL get all the other stuff, too!

So basically, he is an idle, idle man, and and I really,really resent that about him.

Oh, I should mention about the short video. When his boss and the boss's friend were here a couple of weeks ago, the friend suggested that they include a video of the cars being made in the factory on their website. Greg whipped this one up to present to his bosses and we are waiting to hear if they want to use it. As you know, you can't just send a file of this size by email, so he put it on you tube and emailed them the address so they can take a look. Now that it's on there, you guys can too!


Susan said...

I've been thinking lately about how hard it is to brag about my husband, when I AM very proud of him and have plenty I COULD say to people. Reading your blog, makes me realize it's just that Lee thing. No "Greg is so awesome, he does so many great things." etc., just the facts and some sarcasm about how lazy, lazy he is. To me, it works great. I'm more proud of Greg already from reading this. But if you'd been like my friend who always says how smart, great, etc., her husband is, I'd probably be rolling my eyes :)

BTW I like the video, it's great to see the factory and workers in action. It would be more complete for me and my imagination to have an outside, inside, Greg's workspace, etc., shots. But this already helps. And, as all of Greg's videos are, it's well done/interestingly done. But that's probably just part of his being such a lazy, lazy man :)

jonesfamily said...

I knew he was busy, but that sounds crazy! When do you ever see him? I really think he's in the wrong profession! He is so good a video/picture stuff! I need some help on editing a video of mine. I guess I should just email him!

Erin said...

I cannot even imagine attending all those meetings and the travel involved. And now starting extra businesses in addition? Amazing. The video is way cool.