Saturday, May 10, 2008


**Warning, Anne: This is not a real post**

Yesterday I added a little visitor map to my blog (bottom of my sidebar) that I had seen on a friend's blog. I mostly really like the idea of having a cool map of the world on my blog with it's title/theme. It makes it easy to remember that I really am a world away. It is also so small (before you open it) that it makes it look like I'm very nearby! Which is just how blogging makes me feel!

So before I added this map, I looked at my friend's and saw that the dot on the map located in southeastern Poland is pretty monstrous, and as size indicates number of hits I started to feel a little stalkerish. So I decided to write this to give all my excuses to anyone who may have some sort of traking thing for their blog and sees that I visit their site 29 times each day. (I've already emailed some of you some of my excuses) Don't be afraid! This is why I do it!:
  1. I love all your blogs. I think you are great people (most of you, anyway. Just kidding!) This should be reason enough (but obviously I don't think it is, or I wouldn't be posting my excuses!).
  2. I still haven't caught up reading some of your old posts and it's kind of slow going between taking care of kids and I'm kind of doing one post at a time throughout the day.
  3. I like to read comments and revist to see who has left comments on posts I read recently.
  4. I'm not very organized and I use lots of your blogs as a jumping off point to visit other blogs that I love.
  5. Blogging really is my main contact with English speakers, so I have to make up for all the conversations I would have with friends and strangers every day if I lived in America. :)
  6. I'm pathetic.
Now you know, and hopefully aren't scared if you were before. At least I feel a little better now!


Katherine Bouldin said...

Cool idea to post a map on your blog. I had not seen that before, but have wondered about who is reading my blog. Thanks for posting it. I have one on my own blog, now too. But, you can read it as often as you like! I know all about interruptions by kid duty ...

jonesfamily said...

Yeah, you're freaking me out, Lisa! WhatEVER! And besides, I don't think that map thingy works cuz the LA dot should be HUGE for you!

Erin said...

I love the map and seeing friends all over the world. I also spend lots of time reading blogs because it is fun to keep up with friends and I can rock Lizzy to sleep while reading. We miss you guys and I am so happy we can keep in better touch through blogging now.