Monday, April 28, 2008

Caught Me!

I've been tagged. I just wasn't fast enough to get away. I really hope Anne's motives for tagging me were not to contrast our "where were you 10 years ago" and rub it in.

What were you doing a decade ago?

I was a newlywed! (here's the rubbing it in part: Anne was in Korea toward the end of her mission, and her sister was a newlywed; therefore, her sister didn't wait for her to come back from her mission so she could attend the wedding...) We were living in Orem in a nice little studio apartment. Greg was still going to school and working at the MTC. I was working for the Pettys as a "mother's helper." The twins were about 8 months old. My life was like a dream. Then I started taking Accutane...(dum dum, DUM!)(or should that be: dumb, dumb, DUMB!?)

5 things on my "to do" list:

Oh! It's right before bed, so this is easy:

  1. publish this post
  2. brush teeth/wash face
  3. undress (because, really. Who wears pajamas?)
  4. read/pray
  5. sleep
But during any given day my list would be MUCH more exciting, like this:
  1. shower and get ready for the day (this is embarrassing, but when I make a real to-do list, when I have lots of stuff to get done, I actually list this, but everything separate, i.e. shower, fix hair, make-up, so I can cross off more stuff)
  2. clean kitchen(Monday), or bathrooms (Tuesday), or vacuum (Mon, Wed., Friday. but usually only happens twice a week. Sometimes once.), or thoroughly clean living room (Thursday) etc.
  3. wash, hang, fold laundry (every day 1-2 loads--think European size washing machine, American size family-sort of)
  4. deal with kids (feed, help with homework, read to/with, scream at etc.)
  5. Get dinner going
Enlightening, isn't it?

5 places I've lived:
  1. Orem, Utah
  2. Burbank, California
  3. Rexburg, Idaho
  4. Provo, Utah
  5. Mielec, Poland
That's really all!

5 (I mean 6) jobs I've had:
  1. phone surveyor
  2. mother's helper (Austins)
  3. Rick's college library cleaner
  4. Nanny
  5. Head Start assistant teacher
  6. mother's helper (Pettys)
It seems silly to only put five if I could put six and have all the jobs I ever had listed.

5 things people don't know about me:
  1. I sucked my thumb until I was 5 or 6 and I was unstoppable until my dentist custom made a retainer that put spikes on the roof of my mouth and made it impossible. To this day the roof of my mouth is higher than normal, and my thumb won't fit in the indention there, but I bet if I took David's (6 year-old son) thumb and pushed it on the roof of my mouth it would fit like a glove.
  2. I have always LOVED to sing, never been very good at it, and lately shock myself more and more often to hear that I'm off key.
  3. I used to be really good with kids.
  4. I was an extra in one episode of The Wonder Years where you can see me dancing like a dork (but you can't see that Fred Savage stepped on my foot about 17 times).
  5. I made Lech Walesa laugh once.
I don't believe in tagging anyone who's not related to me, and they've already been tagged, but if you read this and want to be tagged I would LOVE to read your answers to these questions!


jonesfamily said...

First of all, apparently I know more about you than you do! Didn't you live in Bethesda, MD? Now, THAT would be all! Secondly, I had NO idea you worked in the Ricks library! And THIRDLY (it looks even better in all caps!), I didn't know you were that old when you got the retainer! And they call me your sister!

Lisa said...

Who? WHO called you my sister? Let me at 'em. You're so right about the Maryland thing! I included the occupation but not it's location. Duh. We'll just let this be the record of that. It was an enormous pain to get my font to not be all different sizes throughout this post and I don't want to go into edit ever, ever again!

sarah k. said...

Do you really do all that cleaning? Cause if I did, maybe you'd be able to see the floor of my house.

I was a thumb-sucker too, but I stopped the day I lost my blankie. My 4 year old can't stop sucking his thumb, and now he bites his fingernails too. Ew.

Lisa said...

Dear me, no, I don't do all that cleaning! I believe we were supposed to write what was on our to-do list and not what we would actually do. (Now you see why I name each part of the getting ready procedure, that way I'm almost sure to be able to cross off SOMEthing). But I do hate to have my house dirty. I mean with dirt and stuff. I try not to stress about clutter. As long as it's fairly recent clutter.

And thumb sucking is just no good without a favorite blanket to go with it. I do recall. I wonder if my parents ever tried taking mine away...

Susan said...

When do we hear the story of you making a former President of Poland laugh?!
I thought you were even older than that with your retainer.
As for forgetting the Abernathy's in MD, we know how you're always trying to "block out" Maryland!